Is exactly 4000 trophies enough?


I just made it to 4000 trophies.

I’m happy but also wondering whether 4000 is enough or MORE than 4000 is needed for the tournament rewards.


i believe it is about your arena. if you are at arena 8 you are good to go. i dont know for sure tho just guessing


Wording is 4000+ trophies which would imply it is especially if you are showing as in Jurassic Ruins on the battle screen …


I’m wondering if this is enough for top 500, so bored yet so worried about dropping out lol 3hrs left and 40 places … gonna be a tight one


I am in Jurassic Ruins so I guess it is enough. Still not 100% sure whether 4000+ includes 4000 or not.


I don’t think it’s enough. I think last one at top500 is less than 20 points behind


Ah balls lol 2020202


damn that was close… :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers:


32 trophies was like 130 places…


Any definite answer to this? Can maybe a mod clarify? Would really appreciate it.