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Is Farideh in your party?

Farideh uses her warlock magic to weaken and disrupt her foes.

Is she in your party?

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I use Farideh when I’m going through hard adventure levels, and sometimes in harder challenges. I have the epic Coronet at level 5, so I can immobilize for 4 turns with a 5 turn cooldown. it means that if I’m fighting melee monsters I don’t get touched as long as she goes first, then stall until the cooldown is done. I would really like to have the legendary weapon, not a fan of the pull red dice on the epic. it always seems to pull at the wrong time, but never pulls when I want it to, lol. Over all she’s pretty good, and does get used

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I use the Epic Coronet as well and it is perfect to refresh everyone’s cooldown / health while enemy’s can’t hit you.
I use a level 10 rare weapon: 75% chance to push targets: Its life saver.
and one of her best attribute is the ranged attack on move that hits for 250% damage. I’ve seen her crit over 12 000 damage, on lowbies, with that. But yeah, this hero is a must for progression.

wow, that would be better than the pull, my epic is a level 3, but my rare push is only level 6, so I lose out on damage, perhaps once it hits level 7 I’ll start using the push sceptre. thanks for the tip

Sometimes. I use different combinations for different challenges. Current party uses Farideh, Halbenet, Tommus and Shevarith. Currently stalled approaching the Chimera… Took a lot of grinding til I could get past the Reaper…