Is fusion broken? Got 9 10s in a row. Not fusing anymore today

Whats the chances to get 9 times of 10 fuses in a row. Start fusing for irex. 3 10s. Stegod 3 10s again. Nodopato 3 10s. Gave up…

Maybe i should buy reverse lottery

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I think Ludia doing this on purpose due to many raptors out (indoraptor). I keep getting 10’s on my fusing as well.

I find the average is 20, so if you’ve had 9 10s in a row, the next one must be 100 to balance it out, right? Wishful thinking. It’s random. Just a string of bad luck. But I do figure over all fuses tend to average out to 20.

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Not broken you just need luck i get loads of 10s then bang a 30 comes for a legendary but never higher i got 70 for epic but thats about it

In the future: Level 29, only 10 away from Level 30, fuse brings 100 XD XD XD

chances are 0.026%, so unlikely but not unthinkable.
I’ve had 10DNA streaks of 20, which comes down ro 1 in a 100.000.000, per streak.
Ive always defended randomness for being random, even with small probabilities, but stuff like that makes me doubt the true randomness of fusing.

20 should be the average with 10 being the unlucky roll of the dice.

Take him off your team before fusing.
It works.

That’s not how it works

I would always do this and it works just fine(most of the time):
I will always prefer to do the fuse once a week when I have enough coins and enough dinos to make fuses.

If I had enough DNA to fuse my Megalosuchus: Gorgo+Kapro, then I would first fuse entirely different dinos. Like Amargocephalus. If I get 10 DNA for the first fuse, I would switch to Nodopatosaurus fuse. If I another 10 here too, then I would go to my Megalosuchus and try. I would get more than 10 here, as I have already got two 10s with my previous fuses. If I still get 10 this time as well, then I will try with something more valuable(for me IRex). Here the chances are very low for a 10.

This doesn’t work all the time. But you can see trends before fusing something like Indoraptor/Irex where we are about to spend a whole bunch of DNA.

Note: Do not try to fuse a single dino multiple times(at a single stretch). This would not yield a good chance of getting more than 10 each time.

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