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Is Gemini better at raids than maxima

It has group invincibility and distract resist and as well as the same rampage and a better one, better attack and hp. Why are we still using maxima besides the fact that it easier to get

Maybe because of the taunt.

Taunting abilities and the crit chance. Max’s lower damage can be worked around and compensated for in other team members. It will crit much more often than Gem would, so Max is a bit better for lower leveled teams when lots of crits is what you need. And Taunting abilities mean’s that it will take those large hits away from lower health teammates where it wouldn’t be as guaranteed with Gem.

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Because Maxima crits consistently and taunts. And is easier to level.

We use Max because they are available and good enough. I will definately replace Max with Gem after shuffle.


Here’s the thing tho, Max has TSR and IIT, which makes it incredible for raids