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Is geminititan still viable?

All is in the question :slight_smile: thanks, cause I was about to use this beast but I’m not sure about it

If you have it at high level already, yes. If you hadn’t made it or it’s too low level compared to the rest of your team, no… Too much effort for not such a big reward now, don’t waste your time.


It would be useful in raids if you need invincibility… however that move is messed up atm. Who knows when it’ll get fixed SMH

Oh btw, if you try selecting a dino with invincibility you’ll get kicked out of the raid

Even before the shield bug, we didn’t saw a single Gemini in any raids, yet, pretty much any post showing a winning team had at least one Maxima in it… So even if Gemini does have group shield, Maxima, with armor, crit, better health and dmg is so much better than Gemini that I would say, don’t spend anymore coins/ressources on it.

On equal ground (26 unboosted) probably yes (although he’s not a must-have he once was).
But he’s that hard to level up that most likely you have it underleveled. Trust me, underleveled Gemini sucks.