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Is Geolocation locked to one timezone?

Example: If in Canada it is Monday, but in Japan it is a Tuesday. Will Smilodon appear in both?

If it’s like dinosaur if the day then you’ll have to work it around the relevant US timezone.

Ohh, what timezone is Ludia in (Heard they are in Canada)

Timezones are a problem for me because I live in Asia.

I don’t know off hand where their HQ is based. I am in the UK and I know that at 2pm GMT event dinosaurs and stops vanish and the new ones reappear at 3pm GMT. It helps me as it gives me the morning to collect the last few before they vanish. It’s probably a bit trickier the further around the globe you get but shouldn’t mess you about too much.

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It doesn’t really matter where they are, cause, at the end of the day, you get the exact same time to dart as North American players… For me the game resets at 5:00 pm… I, therefore, play well into, let’s say, Tuesday, when it’s still Monday in North America…


I think the real question is when does the “day” change? When events do, daily missions, daily spins, or maybe it is for the actual day for your timezone?

They’re in Eastern time zone

Days are not 24 hrs long if not in the US time zone?

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Oh, like 10 pm or 11 pm is the alliance rewards.

i read this off wikipedia." Ludia’s headquarters in Montreal’s Old Port."

So this is trash. It should follow your time zone, not headquarters! I live in the Eastern Time zone and it sucked when Pokemon would go by Pst and our events started at 4 when raids ended at like 8. You shouldn’t have to work off American time for a global game. I guess the only problem with this is people changing time zone on their phone for more time or to speed up time.

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They are… Like I said, my days start at 5:00 pm and last for 24 hours… I don’t think this is a big problem, as long as strike towers and event dinos run for a full day… There would be a problem if you only had 1 or 2 hours to complete said events…


Eastern standard Time 10am is new day turn around.

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