Is Giganyx Worth it?

I guess looking at it, it depends if you prefer PvE or PvP more? But as a general consensus I wondering if Giganyx is worth putting Tryo DnA towards. My thought process is basically you would want to get apexes as fast as possible (especially if you are a PvP player), so it would be wasteful to funnel Tryo DnA away to Giganyx because of how potent Tryo is in raids, which is the main source of apexes. This is just by looking at the stats and moves on the JWA field guide btw.
I don’t know, I probably just got this feeling of wanting an unique with tryo to be sort of the ultimate buffer of the unique class especially with the introduction of rexy into the legendary pool. Like in the uniques we have healers, counter attackers, tanks, flocks, big hitters, etc, but no team damage buffers. Those primarily rely on indoG2, tryo, and now Rexy. I’m probably just biased and disappointed because of it.

Im curious what you guys think

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Beats 5 of the 8 top dinos, a chance to beat 1, and cleanly loses to the other 2. I would say those odds make it a pretty good dino.


I think Tryo is no longer of much use in Apex raids. Many raids now use a strategy of 2 turns per round including Thor (Morty)+ Indo Gen 2 (Enteloceros) + Para + another dino


Right now my team is pretty good how it is but im looking to replace Magnapyritor for either Giganyx or Thylaconyx…to fill the versatile chomper spot, im looking more towards Thyla and still unsure if Giga would be up for the place

I’d choose Thylaconyx but it’s risky since it’s likely to get nerfed


Giganyx is overated and seriously need a biff, three main problem with its stats

  1. Tryostronix has at least 50% reduced dmg restriction while giganyx none
  2. Tryostronix swap prevebttionis 75% while Giganyx is only 50% which means once locked you can forget about using its swap in max heal for possible reuse
  3. Swap in 100% mutual heal is really stupid as it dusallow giganyx to engage on weakened dino and worst if opponent dino has initiated an attack before you swap in

@Ned can you look into the above mentioned flaws immediately as it is supposed to be 2.16 update flagship dino and many are soending $ and time to grind it including me

Well ya got what ya asked for ig