Is Gigaspikasaur a Gigadisapointment?


Having spent the time and resources to create this Legendary; im questioning if its worthy of its status.
Its move pool essentially copies one of its ingredients.
Ive used it on my team for a while and i cant decide what its identity is suppose to be?
It doesnt do alot of damage. Its not as tanky as Stegodues. Its generally survivable, but not exceptionally so. So really why does it deserve its status and what role does it play on a team?


I love it and it looks beautiful but it didn’t stay long on my team :sob:


I think it needs a long defense or armor piercing rampage, that way he can be more useless like Stegodeus


He’s just bad compared to stegodeus, which is broken as heck.


hes a good backup tank. survivor with his armor. he shocks ppl when hes still standing. his counter strike comes in handy pinning strike aswell. i love using this guy on my team. currently level 21 because the higher levels help him out imo. he is underestimated if you ask me


I also think shes underrated. I use her as a switch in before a dino dies or if someone throws in a raptor. In both those cases she has frequently proven her self invaluable. I have several legendary creatures on the bench and I keep thinking Im going to pull her but then she proves herself again


I’ve been all over the place about keeping or benching my giga also (she was my very first legendary).

Can’t argue with @MARINI though.
Except for the boosted armor and marginally higher speed… it’s the same as nodoapato (come on Ludia, you’ve proven you can be more creative than this!)

As for her worth… she’s an amazing tank (depending on the opposition of course).
Giga is 100% a tactics dino… she’s best for:

  • Soaking up big hits that would kill most others
  • Finishing off Dinos that are on deaths door but still alive (counter attack should be higher for a legendary though)
    -pinning down those sneaky guys that try to switch or swap out when they’re about to die

I’ve seen an Handful of top50 players use high leve gigas but not many.
I’ve got mine at level 19 and she actually is quite useful. I’m not going to evolve her tho because the time to make room for my first unique is coming (with more on the way soon hopefully)

What she really needs is a butt kicking super awesome unique for herself


My Giga is also lvl 19 but probably staying there. She is useful but I too am at that point where her retirement seems eminent


The problem is it competes directly against the stegodeus, which is both a better dinosaur in every way and uses much, much more common components.

If stegodeus weren’t off the charts you’d find more reasons to use giga


I am in top 100 (98 currently) and I use my 24 Giga over the Stegogod everyone created


It’s not that Gigaspikasaur is bad, it’s that Stegodeus is overpowered as hell and needs further nerfs.

I still don’t understand who thought at Ludia Stegodeus needs an Armor Piercing Rampage, while Gigaspikasaur has Armor Piercing Impact. And according to their logic, Gigaspikasaur should be the better Legendary, because it uses a Rare (Amargasaurus).

They should really just switch those two abilities and call it a day. Then StegOP is nerfed and Gigaspikasaur is actually as strong as it should be.


How dare you speak poorly of my beloved Stegodeus!


Giga is a solid dino. It always performs well, better than its stats would suggest. The main problem is it shares dna with both stegodeus (nodopatasurus) and Tragadotis (Armagasurus), so advancing Giga would be at the expence of advancing the other two.


Giga is a lot better than Nodopatotitan, that’s for sure.


While I do wish that Giga was a little better stat wise than it is, in my experience so far I wouldn’t say its bad at all compared to Stegodeus. Then again, it seems like when I have that matchup, my Giga vs a Stegodeus, opponents seem to underestimate just what Giga is capable of doing. Shield, armor piercing, decelerating impact and the shield stays up most of the battle without interruption (yes I know there are gaps). On paper he doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade to Nodo, but Giga really is underrated as a dino!


Change short defense for long protection, then lockdown strike for vulnerability strike and voila u got a big monster meta


Do vulnerability strikes still exist? I haven’t seen one used in forever …

I do agree this needs a better moveset… and if not that, it seems like a great ingredient for a unique.


I honestly think Giga is kinda underrated. It’s worked really well for me in the 3500-4000 range as the first dino up. I’ve been able to beat Stegoceratops at a higher level with 1000+ health and shield up and ready for the next dino.

As someone else explained in here, I think it’s a good backup tank or supplemental tank if ur team is tank-heavy. It’s also great vs. dinos with high speed and low health, or ones that rely on stun.

I think too many ppl think it’s exactly similar to Nodopota, but Giga has 40% armor and 107 speed compared to 106. It may not seem like much but that extra bit of speed puts it on same level as Indominus, Stegogod and other dinos.


I’m sure at some point I’ll have to replace Giga in my lineup with something stronger down the road.

I think it used to be slightly different before right? Didnt it used to have lockdown strike instead of pinning strike? I wouldnt mind switching those again at least


I will fuse Giga, when I get both Stegodeus and Tragodistis to level 30…