Is Gigaspikasaur worth it


Got stegodeus at level 18 right now and I’m wondering whether Gigaspikasaur is worth spending the nodopato DNA on rather than leveling up stegodeus. Any opinions?


If your using nodopatasaur in team then yes it’s a direct upgrade in stats with the same moves


i lvl both of my stego and giga. i think hes worth it for certain type of dinos. High damage shield breaker will take him out quickly though.


I would say no…definately no

Stegod is too good to use nodopata dna anywhere else and he gets destroyed by literally every other meta dino (I have yet to have a giga beat any of my dinos) the only one it stands a chance against is my 15 rex if it doesnt crit and even then its low enough i can setup another dino on the next hit for their incoming dino


Giga is not good at all for the investment. Nodo dna better invested in stegodeus and amargo for tragodistis.

Giga will definitely get a buff eventually, just atm it’s not good at all.


I’ve been levelling my amarga to 15 recently cause I left it at 10 and used it for trago… but I’m gonna fuse giga cause gotta catch em all or something.


put everything into stegodeus. i’ve won in arena 8 so many times using just stegodeus. no swaps or anything. 3-0 wins. amargasaurus is also way harder to get than stegosaurus, which is a global spawn. pump up stegodeus now, and when they update the game, maybe go for giga because stegosaurus probably wont be global anymore.


I have enough gigapikasaur hybrid requirements to create this dino on the spot. Stingy about coins right now, and this is the first legendary where I am in no rush to collect. Save the amargasaurus and nodo for tragodistis and stegodeus. Much better investment, and I hardly see gigapikasaur in the upper arenas now. Think tiers.

Are you planning on using gigapikasaur long term? What’s your team like at the moment?


Every giga i have seen has been an easy kill too :joy:


One shot with the gorgosuchus, bye felicia :joy::wave:t3:


I’ve got one and I have to say, it is nice to have that armor and extra HP sometimes but when against a defense/armor shatterer, especially one that’s got a boosted attacking, it will probably last no more that two hits. The giga soaks up a TON of amargo dNa which kinda sucks because they’re not as common for me after the update as they used to be. Otherwise, the only difference between giga and nodoapato is the extra armor. I won’t say I regret having my Giga because it has helped me a few times with its counter attack but I agree with the majority, I high level stegodeus and trago are probably better to round out your team. (I’ve got a stegodeus too but no trago for obvious reasons )


Giga is not a soloist he is a technical tank use him to absorb huge hits or come in and apply slow or pinning then switch to big hitter or when you know gigas counter will kill the opponent you can switch in fairly safely. Stegodeus is an anti tank tank they aren’t comparable because they fill different roles. Anything legendary or higher is very useable it becomes more about what roles you need to fill in team if you don’t have much high damage dealers go for stegodeus if you don’t have many survivable Dino’s go giga


why not do them all?? i feed all my beasts. stegocera, monosteg, giga, stegodeus and trago.


i like giga. he comes in handy at the right time. his minimal strike, pinning strike are key. ofc gorgo can take him out but he can also take out stego very easily.


I’ve had some good matches with my Giga. It just depends what else you have on your team and if Giga is better than something you’re using. I actually just took mine off my team the other day though because I need the resources for other dinos. I used it until I got better dinos leveled up. Sometimes it was good, sometimes it was too weak to win the match.


Nope not worth it. until they update it


Giga is nice but stegodeus is a god, i have mine at 27 and can destroy a whole team by himself, and tragodistis is a beast vs i rex and raptors like the lame uthasinoraptor


I only have stegodeous I’ve levelled my amarga enough to fuse for giga now. I feel like they’re gonna do an update giga will be a beast and nodosaurus will become like a local night spawn and I’ll never get it if I don’t fuse it now :joy:


This is my current team

I’m really close to finishing monostegotops (180/200) which would take nodopato’s spot so I’m not sure whether I would use gigaspika in the long term since he basically is a nodopato. Although I would like to switch out T-rex or einia as well which is why I considered gigaspika.


Your team looks very well balanced, monostego will fit in well in Nodopatosaurus’ spot. Giga is too much investment instead of continuing with stegodeus etc.