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Is Giraffatitan really 75% immune to stuns?

I mean it could just be garbage luck, but so far she’s been stunned more times than she has actually resisted them. And thanks to Dracorex and Nasuto, there’s been a lot of stunning during this tournament.


To me it seems to be 99%, i have stunned it just once

I’ve yet to be stunned or see it stunned.

Why does it even have stun resistance btw?

It’s one of those things that’s outside of the typecast, probably just because of the sheer size of the creatures in question. I know there were people on the forums who wanted the Brachiosaurs to be Immune to Stun, but that was quite a while ago.

Welp, their petition turned out to be a bad one

Question for you all, how often do you stun your opponent to where they lose a full turn and cant act? Like I’ve been stunned to where I had to skip a turn so many more times than I could do it to them. Its so frustrating. I just want to know if it happens to anyone else.

If you use a priority move,or your faster than your opponent,or swap into a creature it’ll get stunned for 2 turns.Eg if I use instant distraction on instant charge,it’ll get stunned for 2 turns

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what I mean is, you now those turns you’re stunned and it says skip turn or something? I never get that with my stuns on the opponent.

Yes it will only happen if they use a priority move on your stuns,or if your slower or they swap into a stun.So if draco swapped into a stunning strike from nasuto,Draco’s turn gets skipped

Ok then thanks

Basically if an action is done before the stun

The way it works is the stunned creature always has to lose 1 turn. If you stun a creature that moved before you did, it loses its next turn. If you stun a creature that was going to move after you, it loses that turn that it was going to use.

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