Is gorgotrebax the creature from play store?

I honestly can’t say they don’t look alike, but I hope they don’t. My theory is that it is the super hybrid of Acrocanthops and my endorsements are these:

  • Acro’s hybrid line always fixed (but leaked)
  • It does not have bioluminescence, which all apex have.
  • In my mind it does not make sense that it has cheetah-style spots, in addition to the fact that the jaw of the creature from play store is more robust
And you, what you think
  • Is Acro-hybrd
  • Is gorgotrebax
  • a future hybrid of 2.4

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It could also be a surprise hybrid of 2.3


Will ludia leaked Acro family hybrid again?


I think it is, but I wish it wasn’t for the same reasons