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Is grypolyth a unique?


poor speed( -->108? ), low armor (–>25-30%??) , low health(–>5106??) low damage…(–>1300??, no one attack is 1.5X damage??)

no swap-in invincibility…??

in top 30 no one is using this dino…are they stupid?

why is he classified as a unique? it’s legendary inside…actually

he could be 2 shot finished by swap-in diorajasaur easily


It’s one of the obtainable goal hybrids, so it’s not meant to be a total powerhouse like the rest of the true uniques born from a legendary.


the big crocodile is an epic…not spawn everywhere…the number i have is half of conca…

so ludia should respect this unique…give him some buff!!!

at least give him speed 108 and swap in invincibility.


Your forgetting its a unique drac 2 counter it has counter attack so attack may as well be 2600 which is insane high and it’s HP is one of the highest in the game!!!


Ferocious strike is +50% damage and strike +counter is 2 times damage that’s some 3X damage


u can check nobody, in the leader board is using this dino…because he is weak and slow.


it can do 3k damage per turn and beats a good majority of dinos but alright

also not many people use it because grypo dna is annoying to get in abundance


why i think GRYPOLYTH need a buff?? ( i suggest: speed 108 or 109, lock down strike 1.5X, swap in shield/stun/immunity/strike/ferocity whatever, critical chance 20%)

u didn’t count in the distracting strike effect by opponent…3k will become 1.5k, on the other hand this unique can’t distract opponent’s damage at all. (most uniques’ damage stat. begin from 1702 to end with 1994)

furthermore, 3 uniques has stun strike function…3k will become zero.

his mother GRYPOSUCHUS has lockdown strike 1.5X while the unique only has 1X==> strange

speed: the average of the parents is (105+116)/2 = 111.5, the unique only has 106…strange, dioraja’s parents’ speed average is (104+112)/2 = 108

critical chance: GRYPOSUCHUS has 20%, the unique only has 5% , and need to spend 1 ferocious strike to turn on the engine…

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Is grypolyth a unique?

no, but it clearly believes that it is.

this is what we get for raising our dinosaurs in the participation trophy age.

i blame the parents.


draco 2 doesn’t need to do anything and cost opponent 2772, and if can last one more turn, it will kill extra 1386, total is 4158…if lucky enough swap out and swap in again and kill another 2772. (even one is expecting a draco2 to come in, and want to cloak and there is no way to cloak…)

max damage cost = 6930!!! by a common, that is the highest damage among all common can make


this unique 's speed is slower than draco2…can it really counter draco2??


it’s to replace rajakylo and megalo…i would say it’s a super legendary, nah a unique


You switch it in after drac pwns your dino then pin it every turn until it dies! Multiple run in and rampage over before it did much! it hitting you will speed up that process drac2 got no stun. The armour, HP pinning and counter makes it perfect to stop drac g2 or if you can predict the drac switch in you switch in gypro as the drac comes in to absorb the rampage without loosing Dino then repeat process of pinning the runt down and whaling on it. Gypos huge HP can eat a sia dsr crit from a lvl 30 drac and still survive to kill drac!!!

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ic… is grypro lvl 26 high enough to finish 30 draco2? how about megalo?

have u tried swapping in 2 drac2 (same level) at the same time? or drac 2 and dracoceratops at the same time?


Yeah they don’t need to be equal level can be quite a lot lower as Draco2 stats suck! If you have a drac 2 and switch it in same time as opponent both switch then the sia trigger going of which switch in creature is faster that creatures sia will trigger first. In case of tie in speed goes of rarity or lvl and if same rarity tier and level and speed the game randomly rouletes which triggers first


@Julien_Mayfair hit the nail on the head …

It’s a mediocre Dino given the “unique” brand so players can say they have something green on their team

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Ha ha the * Grypolyth * is the Indoraptors baby brother as it has basically the same style of attack ( jumping forward and puncing on opponent … dont believe me watch a dual screen of this very same attack by both the Indoraptor & the Gripolyth as they are like mirror images of each other lol


That is Purolyth, the Lythronax x Purrusaurus using the Indoraptor animation frame.

Grypolyth uses the Sarcosuchus animation frame.

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Even though they keep messing around with Lythronax stats it’s still the best in it’s line IMHO, however Purrolyth and Grypolyth are two hybrids badly in need of re-balancing. And they will be next patch!


Purrolyth hits hard like a train but dies waaaayyyyy to easely 200-300hp would make him good