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Is Grypolyth's crit really 20%?

I’ve had Grypolyth on my team for quite some time now and I have to say - she barely EVER crits. I would argue my 5% crit dinos have had more criticals than she has, even with her counter attack. I just had a long fight against Monostegotops with her and Mono landed about 4 crits - she landed 0, even with the extra counter.

I can think of perhaps just 3 times in the month or so I’ve had her when she’s landed one.

She has 5% crit


Think you mistook armor for crit buddy :sweat_smile:


Tho it could have 20% crit, Gryposuchus has it

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…Yep, I got the armor and the crit mixed up. :sweat_smile: My bad!

Really wish she had it though, she always seems to leave the opponent with a tiny bit of HP left.


Yes, as I said it would make sense

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Only when it goes against me


Lol, sometimes it feels like it. Just today in the tournament I’ve been having Mosachops critting like crazy on my, of all this why this one?

Procerathomimus has been critting on me a lot in this tournament. Bonus points when they get a crit on DR, of course.

I just lost three matches thanks to lucky crits on my opponent’s side (1 on the first, 2 in a row on the second, and 2 more on the third - all with a 5% chance). I think I got one crit in.

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That would be cool. Might be a bit too strong idk

Yo, we talking about crits? It seems like the lower the percentage you have, the more times you crit. I’ve had Indo G2 crit on me more than my Maxima on the enemy, and she has the supposed higher chance to do it. In the tournament, I’ve had Yoshi and Rixis crit on me twice as much than she freaking should, and they’re 5%. That’s… Obviously too high for them. It’s like it’s low-key 40% crit.

I’d ask that we have an actual 0% crit chance for dinos, but that might backfire - it might end up critting us 100% of the time.

Its the same thing for spinotasuchus