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Is indo g2 getting nerfed

I think it is getting nerfed. They are giving loads of blue, indom g2, and indo g2 directly. First blue a couple weeks ago, then indom g2 and indo g2, and now blue for 2 weeks and blue this week to catch. I mean if ludia said the meta will be changed, maybe they are trying to get people to spend indo g2 dna and then nerf it.


It could be. But Ludia also did the same thing with Procerathomimus, and they haven’t nerfed it yet. Besides that one time where they gave it a slap on the wrist with it’s stats being reduced by a little bit.


They did nerf Cautious Strike a little bit, though I can’t remember how much.

Just made it so it didn’t cleanse. I still think it does one or two things too much, especially since Mutual Fury does some of the same things. But it is what it is

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Honestly, CS should just be removed from the game. It does way too many things, and no one can agree on how to balance it. Just give Indo G2 Definite Strike instead. Problem solved.


You know what? That’s actually not a bad idea! Let’s get Ludia to do that! It pretty much does all the important things anyways. Well, aside from boosting attack and speed, but Mutual Fury does both of those already.

And being able to Distract, let’s forget that. That’s what makes Indo so long lived, the combo of distraction and evasion really makes it difficult to handle.

I think it will. They’ve been shoving the components at us for like a month now. And people still say it’s hard to level indo g2 bc of blue… even tho blue is an event every other week

ikr, its gonna be one of those dinos, i get but right after its nerfed.

I’m pretty sure the general consensus is that it needs to lose the speed buff, so it can be revenge-killed.


yeah, it makes it so one of the few counters: proceratomimus either gets 2 turns or 1 turn at a time. It goes like
Procera: nullify
indo g2: cautious
indo g2: cautious
procera: nullify
procera: nullify

and it goes on forever until one dies

Nah, seems like when they give out copious amounts of something, it’s one of the strongest things that will likely remain strong for a long while.


easiest way to allow for revenge kill is reduce the speed up buff from CS to 1 turn.

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I suppose that would work too.

I doubt they will nerf it I just think they will make more things counter it instead

Not just that, but topping evasion and distraction, an evasive stance. So if someone deployed while using CS, purely guessing the attack that goes through is well under 10% maybe-ish? I really dont know how that will even work, like I said, on top of distraction you got 2 not 1 evasive moves. And also the speed up, its not just annoying, but also problematic. Its like one of those swiss army knives that do a lot of stuff. Except CS is just purely annoying and ruins fun

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I believe Evasive Stance just replaces the evasion that’s there from CS. But yeah, I get your point, it has quite a bit of things to lessen damage to itself and mess up the opponent

ES is there so indo can MF properly

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Indo2 probably getting nerfed. She’s an efficient killer. The trend seems to be to make matches take as long as possible, so Dracoceratops has to go but Procerathomimus stays strong. And now there’s Mammolongerandlonger to join the make-matches-take-forever brigade.

I hate it.

Oh yes. Draco didn’t fall from Tyrant to Low Apex in one patch. He was nerfed slowly. He lost “shattering” part of Swap in Rampage, then he gained Swap in Savagery, and finally he received an attack nerf.
Indo lost DR, then Cleanse from CS. Maybe 3rd nerf is coming?