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Is Indom cloaking busted?


Since the tournament started I’ve seen Indominus Rex’s cloaking become practically useless, both for myself and my opponent. I’m a scientist myself so I understand probabilities and streaks and all that, but I started feeling like something was off yesterday. Today I recorded actual results and out of 8 cloaked attacks, Indom dodged ZERO of them.
The odds of that happening I believe are 1 in 256. If it is indeed working properly, it sure picked a lousy time for me to get such an improbable streak.

Anyone else have anecdotes to support or refute this?


But…1/256 is far from impossible.
Also, 8 times is a really little sample size.

No matter cloak is bugged or not, this test seem very significant to a player, but actually will be nonsignificant if you keep enlarge sample size.
Don’t want to judge if you are right or wrong, just a little quote.:sweat_smile:


I got all my cloaks and dodges in today :man_shrugging:t3: Surpringly Indom was beasting today, took out all three dinos without barely taking a hit. Probably just bad luck really, you gamble and win some & lose some.

Bored and played 4 matches today.


Similar here; did about ten battles today and most of them included my Indominus…every time I cloaked she couldn’t dodge. Some deployments were basically wasted. Last battle with her I won because I skipped cloaking and went straight for an attack.

Wasn’t aware this might be a wider issue! Cloak dodge percentage is supposed to be 50%, isn’t it?


Yeah, life using the dominus’s is rough. It really creates the most stress or drama…will it Dodge…will it Dodge at least ONCE…will it FREAKIN DODGE AT ALL TODAY FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY…AAAAAWWWWWWW…Whew…breathe…breathe…ok I must take my medicine now. :crazy_face:


Remove the cloak skill and add it as a passive whit a 10% of dodge and add a freaking shatering defense to this guy


@Vasilli08 I know that feeling too well haha. I’m not very hopeful when I put the indom on the battlefield. Once I get two more uniques, the indo and utarinex, indom will sadly be dropped. Am I the only one to commentate during battles to my dinos? I’m like please dodge cmon baby don’t fail me now, i’ll love you forever. When indom fails i’m like do yo job, and a blood vessels pops :joy:

Indom did exceptionally well today.


Lol mine never dodge when he must dodge for win i selfcalled mine indominustrash and my indoraptor indotrash haha


Mine’s working pretty good. Was able to take down almost an entire team with my Indom just today/yesterday.


Couldn’t explained it any better, they are both pretty :put_litter_in_its_place::put_litter_in_its_place::put_litter_in_its_place: We could only be hopeful if they get a buff, then I may reconsider :joy:


I’ve had a similar problem. When I was playing my opponent there would be brief periods where I could neither see my dino, nor my opponents on the battle field. I was wondering if anyone else has been having this issue ?


Is it just me or did Indom get slower??? I swear it was faster than stegod before the tourney


I’m going through the same thing. 5 battles in a row that my CLOACK does not work once. Looks like 5% chance to dodge.


No, I-rex & Stegodeus both got 107 spd.
So if they fight between each other, priority will decided by their level.


Not useless when I battle against it. I kinda give up if someone pulls it out. Easily kills 2 dinos before I can kill it.


I’ve been having a lot of trouble with my Indominus lately, too, more so than when I got it. It has always dodged less than 50% of the time, but over the past few days it has failed every attempt. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Out of over a dozen. Meanwhile, my opponents’ indoms are dodging most of my attacks. When I figure out a good replacement for my indom, she’s going back to the bench.


It isn’t that it dodges 50% of the time in general, there’s just a 50% chance in each move like flipping a coin that it won’t. It’s 100% possible to flip say, heads 70% of the time if you’re flipping it say, 50 times. Same goes with Indominus cloaks. It’s just bad luck.


I’m well aware of that. But the more attempts you make, the less likely it should be to continue failing. Yeah, the rng doesn’t remember the previous value, but if enough people are getting extremely low dodge rates lately, then maybe Ludia should take another look at the programming? A 50% chance should succeed more often than a 20% chance, but lately it seems to have been the other way around.


It’s not. It only works for my opponents same as evasive stance. Can’t believe how some people are so lucky. Sure those work for my advantage from time to time but bit nearly as often as for my opponents. Really starting to hate this combat system as it isn’t really about skill. It’s so much about luck. Propably won’t spent anymore money on this game anymore.


It’s been a week since my last post and my luck hasn’t improved much. Heck, even my tarbosaurus’ crit rate is down. I can’t help but think that something is broken.