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Is Indominus Rex a tyrannosaur?

If you were to classify Indominus Rex into an in-game dinosaur family, which would it be? If Indominus was a real dinosaur, how would you classify it from a paleontological standpoint?

Honestly, I’m not quite sure. In the game, it shares an animation set with the Spinosaurs, which is a bit odd, but then again I can’t imagine it as a tyrannosaur animation in game, even if Irl it would seem more like a Tyrannosaur.
Canonically, it’s a mix of a ton of different creatures’ dna, although the main one is still T-rex.


It’s obviously a Compy :roll_eyes:


If it’s base genome was a Tyrannosaurus like they said it the movie then it would be in its own sub-family of Tyrannosauroids from all its alterations.

Tyrannosaurs-> Tyrannosaurinae, Albertosaurinae, and (hypothetically) Chimeraidae along with Indoraptor

I think for simplicity in the game they’ll heap it in with the other big chompers


there is a video about what indominus could be made of


In canon, did they ever establish that the Indominus was predominantly T. rex?

Dr. Wu said so I think in one of the scenes. Him or Claire


claire did. I always thot it looked more like the giga tho with its long snout and more than two claws, and longer arms.

she does have giga dna in her.

Per Jurassic Park Fandom Wiki:
Giganotosaurus, Majungasaurus, Carnotaurus, Rugops, Therizinosaurus, Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pycnonemosaurus, Quilmesaurus, Viavenator, Velociraptor, Deinosuchus, Cuttlefish, Tree Frog, Pit Viper, & Unspecified number of modern animals.

I really wish it survived. In the movies it was way better than indoraptor. I got pretty triggered when they said indo was smarter than indy.

JW: Indom pulls a full proof extreme, mastermind escape
JW 2: some not smart guy decides to take one of its teeth indo escapes and later his tail accidentaly hits a random wire so he escapes again.


Hmm, if I’d had to classify Indom in a class I’ll keep it to chimeradea cuz its a hybrid.

T-Rex family. Claire even says “The base genome is a t-rex the rest is classified”


Indominus Rex is a tyrannosaur. @UnicornWizard.

Yeah, it’s a tyrannosaur.

I once read from some biologist trying to tell me that tarantulas aren’t real spiders. After that experience, I will claim that if some guy with a PhD disagrees, he’s still wrong. Big bulky T-Rex looking guy with two legs, itty bitty arms, and a tail–It’s a tyrannosaur. Fight me.

It’s also possible that I-Rex & Indoraptor have some Zerg DNA from Starcraft, and Claire simply said that’s classified so they don’t have to deal with the copyright issues involved. The legal side must’ve been more frightening than the teeth & claws.

In my opinion, the Indominus can only be labled as a member of the group in which it successfully fit within biologically. to truly figure this out, it would be best to look at it’s skeleton, and narrow it down from there

the farthest I could guess is Theropoda, and maybe Tetaneura