Is Indominus Rex STILL not right?


For a long time, everyone noted a “bug” after their Indominus Rex used the cloak but then wouldn’t attack with 2X damage afterwards. Ludia seemingly fixed that.
Or did they?
Because NOW, if it first cloaks, & then uses the “Armor Piercing Rampage” attack immediately afterwards, not only will it get the 2X from that rampage attack, but it ALSO gets a 2X boost to THAT from the cloak for a whopping 4X strike! Time & again I’ve been crushed by +3,000 point hits from them & I’m literally in shock each time it occurs. Add in the occasional random critical hit increase to it & I’m nearly in need of medical assistance as a result of my apoplexy. Here is a screen shot of the stats of a level 17 Indominus I was up against right before my dino died from the 3,096 point hit it suffered. I don’t see any indication of the impending 4X doom that’s about to fall on me.
Note that the cloak doesn’t seem to increase the 1.5X attack of the “Armor Piercing Impact” to a 3X strike (which leads me to the idea of this post in the first place) but admittedly I could be wrong there, it’s just that I’m so in shock over the potential of being on the receiving end of a 4X attack!.
Now if this was the desired result of that fix, then I will humbly shut up & try to figure out what I’ll need to do to get myself one of these incredible killers (because let’s face it-no one can survive 2 of these attacks). But if this was NOT what Ludia intended, then I’m wondering if that fix is still buggy.


While I have not reached the point in the arena where I regularly face Indominus, I’d be interested to hear what others think about this issue, too.

Your explanation makes sense…so if using Cloak enables Indominus to deal 2x damage on top of whatever attack a player selects, it’d be reasonable to assume that Armor Piercing Impact would deal out roughly 3x damage. Either that doesn’t add up, or I’m missing something as well…


774x2 = 1548
1548= 3096



Working as intended on my end


It always worked like that and it’s supposed to work like that …

Indominus is only good cause he can easily destroy Tanks with 3k to 5k damage (crit).


Yes 2x damage multiplied by 2 is 4x damage…


Next attack will deal 2x damage it says …


Nope, that’s the point. On the contrary the Indominus has a 25% chance of not being harmed until it delivers its killing blow. There is a 50% chance that it will receive one hit before hitting and there is a 25% chance that both opponent attacks hit which Indominus doesn’t survive in most cases. Chances depending on the other dinosaur being faster, which most are. Otherwise it would be 50-25-25.