Is indoraptor and elridominus the worst uniques now?


They nerfed they long time ago so hard, but nowadays when everybody and their mothers have their counters well leveled they lack of dmg and speed, and need to pray dodge work 2 times in a row minimun to put some dmg and even then you need to pray for a crit, elridominus is even worse he dont have any defense shatering or even piercing and his speed is low right now and his life is like a weak raptor life.
In the past when they nerfed they, didnt exist monomimus, top teams rarely had a decent monoategotops leveled, stegodeus was rare and tops had him max at 23,25. And people rarely had a unique, but now they have tons of counters, and low dmg for a tank meta


They should swap its strike and run for something more useful I think.


They removed a armor piercing impact skill and nerf like 500 life whitout give elridominus nothing, in raptor meta was good but in tank meta whit that life is trash xd


yea. agree. even pyritator new speed 129 with evil 2x damage maintain & can beat indoraptor??please ludia… that Unique being humiliated badly by that Legendary. money wasted… hardwork for that unique also wasted


I think they must give again the cloak to indoraptor for that x4 dmg to beat easily fusing stegodeus and give elridominus some life and armor piercing to be good in this meta


Indoraptor is still a valuable asset and should of never been treated like a tank. It’s still a raptor and should be used like one.