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Is indoraptor good

I am trying to get indoraptor but I am wondering is indoraptor good because a lot of people say it needs a buff up so is it good

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Unfortunately, no. It’s quite a mediocre unique, long story short

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It good when you boost when I was getting indoraptor I was saving my boost for it my is level 21 but has I think 4000 h, 1200 attack and 137 speed

Depends on where you are in arena; once you hit aviary, maybe earlier since it’s been a while since I’ve been in the earlier arenas, it drops heavily, as there are many FAR better options

Pretty meh, it’s one of those creatures you can use to climb up but will have to get rid of soon

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Indoraptor is good up till Aviary. Then it drops in its utility extremely fast. It’s main use would be Thor clearance, and that’s about it. Dio, Tryko, and most resilient tanks with any kind of shield. If your not in Aviary, give it a spin. If you are, it’s better left on the bench.

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No (10 characters)

This. Had he been allowed to keep his shield breaking attack, Indoraptor would have continued to be better. But as he stands, Indoraptor only has a limited shelf life. Before Aviary, perfect, but not afterwards.

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I mean it’s still part Rex. Why couldn’t it? Trade ES for Cautious Impact, and give Indo DSS.

I’d rather he kept Cleansing. It’s the DSR that needs to be reintroduced. I don’t know know why it was removed.

I meant trade Evasive Stance for Cautious Impact, not Cleansing Impact. DSR could also work.

Not sure I’d like that. The current Evasive Stance works well.

I’ve never seen a point in it. Then again, my deck doesn’t worry about dodge…

Even though we are unfortunately in a Resilient meta, I’ve found that it works well and helps keep him alive a lot longer. Without it, Indoraptor falls far too easily.