Is Indoraptor still locked?


I bought three Indoraptor showcase incubators, but not even get 1 Indoraptor DNA. Is he still locked? If yes, why is he shown on the incubator, which indicate that there would be DNA in it? Or am I just unlucky? But until now I don’t see anybody with Indoraptor DNA. Also there is no hybrid shown at Indominus or any Raptor, not even at Blue. So how can you create Indoraptor?

I think he is still locked, but that would be unfair and false hint on the incubator.


It is the same like any other incubator out there. You get a CHANCE of any featured dinosaue. That being said you only get guaranteed epic DNA. Then you get legendary and THEN… Completely in the back you get a chance of Unique. Who knows how big this % actually is… 1% maybe? It is a chance game; you will never truly obtain what you are looking for unless you catch it in the wild or buy guaranteed DNA incubators like the rex incubator. Why not wait until saturday? You didn’t have to spend a single dime because you know it is featured then. :slight_smile:


I know that only epic is guaranteed. But if the Indoraptor is already unlocked, why isn’t he mentioned as a possible hybrid at Indominus, Blue or normal raptor?

We can get DNA on Saturday, yes. But I don’t think that we get enough chances to get the neccesary DNA. I just wanna know if I was unlucky with my three incubators or is it maybe a bug. There was another bug also with that incubator, so maybe?


It’s probably still locked or something, got a bug where I had 7 DNA when I bought that incubator, but it hanged on the last one (2 epics were out already Blue and Bary)
So the last one has got to be indoraptor, but game just hanged there, and when I restarted the app, still no indoraptor DNA