Is Indotaurus Op?

Is Indotaurus OP or not?

  • It is OP
  • It is not OP
  • Not sure

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No, Indot isn’t op. Just use flocks, elirdom, trebax, refre or other strong cunning.

I destroyed the lvl 21 indot with my lvl 14 argenteryx in lockdown a few days ago.


@SuchotatorGamer Yea I don’t think it’s op just someone in the forums said IndoT was OP to me so I wanted to find out what the general JWA community thinks

There are multiple ways to deal with it, and there are other creatures you could easily consider op. I don’t think Indot needs a nerf for the sole fact it’s one of very few actually good pure fierce.


@HolyPoly1026 I don’t think it needs a nerf either I just wanted to find out what the general JWA community thinks

I feel like it needs a nerf but it isn’t overpowered, things like gorgotrebax and quetzorion hard counter it so while I do think indot needs a nerf it shouldn’t get a big one


I don’t think that IndoT needs a nerf, it’s a great fierce that we’ve needed for a while


IndoT does not need a nerf. It can already be countered pretty easily


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For something not exclusive its way to broken. on top of the fact that we, for some reason, have a championship for it, its super easy to get. Its even better than most apex creatures. between the counter and cloak it deals way more damage than it should. Not to mention the 20% crit chance plus its cloak applies to its counter which basically 2 (if not one) hits almost every dino. don’t tell me it has counters because it doesn’t. it can break shields, cleanse, counter, cloak, and its everywhere.

Rendering cloak does a little too much damage. Other than that, it’s perfectly fine.

IndoT is one of the most balanced creatures in the meta right now. It definitely is a strong creature but for good reason. It’s part carno which had a counter attack and that counter is just amplified with cloak. If you want to counter it just remove the cloak. SR3 is also a pretty decent counter to it as well. Hydraboa could also probably take IndoT on. Why nerf it when this is one of the only pure fierce creature that are actually meta relevant?

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IndoT is perfectly fine. All you have to do is remove the things cloak and it’s really simple to beat. Also what is you expect the crit chance to be when it’s part indomimus rex? Also it is one of the only pure fierce creatures that are meta relevant and fierce creatures are arguably the worst class in the game so why would you want to make something so rare in the meta non meta relevant?


First of all, carno has 900 base attack and 3600 or 3900 i forgot hp to keep it fair to fight. IndoT has more hp and way way way too much attack for a counter attacker and has cleansing rampage on a fierce with 1550 attack, if it had around 1200-1350 it would be fine. But it 1 shot most cunnings cause of it. All i want is the dmg to be lowered on it to 1200-1350 and remove cleansing rampage for fierce rampage.

Unless Indot got a huge resistance buff to compensate, that would just cause another instance of the creature being nerfed to the point where its not meta anymore and tons of boosts go to waste. Also, pretty much every meta cunning has dodge or dodge removal, so Cleansing Rampage rarely ever oneshots cunnings.

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Anyone else getting tired of the “It’s not OP, you just gotta use these other specific creatures that everyone clearly has maxed out and maxed boosted to beat it! If Ludia even slightly nerfs it, it’ll became the worst creature in the game ever created and literally anything will beat it even the creatures it’s supposed to counter!”, or is it just me?

Because apparently asking for something as simple as it’s Greater Rending Counter being downgraded to just Rending Counter is apparently way too much to ask for.


This is a nerf I would actually be fine with. It would both keep Indot in the meta and make the creature feel less rigged to fight against.


use things if Rending rest.


It’s quite balanced imo