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Is irex worth the grind?

Mine is lvl20, not doing a lot for the team. Nullifiers and shielders run wild in the meta, I just have to bench her out. But it had me curious how is she at lvl24 or above?

just make indoraptor and erlidominus dont waste your dna

Some frontrunners on leaderboard do have high level irex thou. It seems that has worked out quite well

Yes. It is.

Mine’s been on and off the bench; just created Indoraptor and benched L20 I-Rex for it. Its one of about 3 on my bench that I wish could be on the team …

Whether IRex is worth the grind is dependent on the kind of teams you are matched against during different points of your gaming journey. What work for other top players may not necessarily work for you. For example, most of the top players have Tryostronix on their team. I have one at level 24 but she isn’t helpful to me because I can’t utilize her the way I’d like (RTC doesn’t work very well for me) so I am going to replace her with something else at some point. It’s the same with IRex. I had her on my team for a very long time and she had done well for me until level 20, when I start encountering matches where other players’ dinos are above 20 so I had to replace her with something stronger. However, if I have enough TRex dna to spare in the future, I will definitely level her up and put her back on my team.

I think one of the reasons you don’t see her that often as you move up the arena also has to do with scarcity of resources. IRex is competing against other dinos like IndoRaptor, Erlidominus and Trykosaurus for TRex dna so that forces a lot of players to re-prioritize how best to distribute the Rex dna


I’m starting to get suspicious if I should focus on bumping up irex instead of indo.

I’m preferring Indo at the moment but it does consume the resources … might change my mind as I use it more.

Can I see your deck? It’s frustrating to hear your tryo is at the same spot with my irex. :frowning:

This is my current deck. I went hardcore grinding the past 4-5 weeks going on about 4 hour sleep, used scent capsules and bought incubators (don’t do it, not worth it) just to level up my team by 2 to 3 levels. I’m at around 4300s but have been pretty unlucky in match-ups because almost every opponent would have at least 2 uniques in their line-up. I hope it’s just a case of RNG being unkind to me and not because of Ludia putting me with the wrong pool of people. I don’t want to be paranoid but wouldn’t be the first time they’ve goofed :frowning:

Because people mostly tend to overlook the enemy irex, thought they won’t survive long. And that’s where your irex gets room to inflict dmg. As I started playing indo, she always get special treatments, such like my opponent would even brave a dsr to swap in a mono. And that’s it, since she can’t deal a fatal blow at one time, she ends up doing little as the irex

Gosh, I’m not sure about that matchmaker part. Before I got my indo, I hardly went up to 4.5k. Then took a giant leap to 4.7k in the first sweet week with her joined up. I didn’t feel I had been a much better team for a 200tropies boost just because I added indo to my deck but, it’s all matchmaking… idk… how ludia science has amazed me

your team is pretty strong…

i think the matching mechanism would consider how many uniques you have in addition to your current position.

All my matchup encounters were the same potatoes like me. My deck is nowhere nearing yours. So I might be able to conclude that you best replace your deck with some low levels

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I’ve added some of my recent opponents as friends so I’m going to monitor their progression to see if they actually get ranked. I seem to remember one of the ones I faced over the weekend was only level 13 or something (they didn’t accept my friend request). So if any of those get past top 500 mark but didn’t get ranked, then Ludia is going to get a nice little email from me about their matchmaking algorithm. Really hope I’m wrong about it.

For now, I’ve shifted focus from Ankylosaurus hunting back to TRex hunting. I need to find something else to replace Tryostronix. Even at level 24 she still doesn’t survive long enough to put RTC in use with her DSR, not if she’s facing high level dinos. This is actually why I am rethinking putting IRex on my team again since she can dodge and is also immune.

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But then you have people with level 28-30 of all of them

I really don’t know how they can manage it without spending 30k+ on the game because with the useless stuff and wide range of possible dna in incubators, you will need to buy a lot for a slight chance of something useful. I made that mistake one too many times in the past and now I’ve more than enough dna to probably level Koolasuchus to 26. :laughing:

Actually I’ve just looked at yours and you even have level 25’s plus erlidominus… That’s mad, my I rex has been at 18 for about 3 weeks now haha I guess I should put more time into the game

This has been my life the past 5 weeks:

  • Wake up at 5:30am or 6am to start dino hunt in zone 1 and 4, let off epic scent capsules during the hunt and drive around empty parking lots where applicable
  • Get to work by 9am so that’s about 3.5 hours of hunting there
  • Hunt again at noon for an hour and go back to work at 1pm.
  • Leave work between 7pm to 8:30pm, have a quick dinner, drive around and hunt till 1am or 2am.
  • Rinse and repeat, plus buy incubators during my many moments of weakness

No wonder I feel burnt out :rofl:

Edit to Add: My Erlidominus only took 8 fuses

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Ahhhh that’s fair enough, mad though, I hunt on the way to and from work, well try I just see tricera gen 2 and iquanadon don’t bother darting them haha I’m kinda proud of my team seeing as that’s the only time I go out hunting, rely on incubators to be honest even though they are pretty bad… Ohh I make sure I can fit in the event dinos but never really max out the limit on then

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