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Is irex worth the grind?

i would say no. too many dinos have shields and nullify and it’s dodge is playing with fire. get it to 20 and if you want to make erlidominus go ahead, but leave it at 21 for the same reason. then use the rest on indoraptor, or use the t-rex DNA for trykosaurus.

it’s worth the grind to make primarily for the super-hybrids it is required for.

Indoraptor is an obvious choice.
The cost/benefit of erlidominus has been up for debate lately.

you definitely have to use erlidominus right and it can have it’s moments, but not having a shattering or even armor piercing attack hurts. and it’s HP is low.

but minimal speed up can be handy, and if it’s in a bad match up you can hit and run.

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That is crazy behaviour and certainly not good for you!

I know :joy: It’s just that I’m so close to saving them all :rofl:

With this team you’re only in the 4300’s? Please stay out of my way :astonished: (I’m currently at 4467 and have only one unique, 23 Indoraptor.)

I think RNG was very unkind to you, it happens. From my experience only the # of trophies determines who you’re matched with.

It’ll change and you’ll be on the LB for sure!

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1 left?

Yes, I Rex is definitely worth it and stays on my team. However, I leave her at level 20 and put my resources into leveling up Indoraptor instead. I Rex can be a glass cannon, you have to know when to swap.

Don’t remind me of this horrible scene :sob:

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Wow, I think your deck is totally deserve to be in 5000s trophies.
Mine is not even better in all poins, but just entered arena 9 in past several days.

I think there must be something wrong.:thinking:


I know I thought this too I was 4596 this morning the only unique I have is indoraptor :sweat_smile:

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I think it’s also partly my fault, I’m a terrible battler and often times make mistakes with my starting dino. I still don’t know which is a good dino to open with

Being on the LB isn’t important to me, I only battle for incubators and in some ways have to do it due to arena exclusive dna. Life will be easier if I weren’t such a completionist :joy_cat:


That scene got me close to tears :frowning: I’ve got two more to go, Diorajasaur and Magnapyritar, Magna is going to take a while

@Tarbosaurus @Heather I’m monitoring my recent opponents’ progression and hope they get ranked once they get to the top 500 because if not, Ludia is going to be hearing from me. I don’t care about being on LB but this waiting and losing for the sake of filling incubator slots isn’t fun.

your stegodeus, monomimus and indoraptor are 1 higher than mine, but the rest of your team destroys mine. i get railed by RNG probably more than anyone, but i’m still at like 4660 and i haven’t battled in like 4 days. haven’t battled much this whole tourney really. like tarbo said, you should probably be 5K+

anytime i can i open with stegodeus. because if it dies i don’t lose something important like shattering, nullify, etc. and it usually takes out the first, sometimes 2nd dino too.


You can’t go wrong with that 28 Stegodeus, at your current trophy range it can take down whole teams :smile:


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During my last match, the game picked the following dinos for my team: Tryostronix, Allosinosaurus, Tragodistis, Trykosaurus. My opponent has IndoRaptor, Monomimus, Stegodeus, and not sure what the fourth was. What should I have opened with given the cards dealt me?

I was seriously wishing I had a level 24 IRex instead of a Tryostronix during that match :joy:

I can’t believe it. Your teams are great. I think you must be in top 500 players.
Instead of collecting DNA, it would be better how to battle more aggressively.

Then, I believe you are, at least, in top 500.

I have no trouble with Tryostronix (which is why mine isn’t on my team) but Trykosaurus wrecked my team. So that’s my recommendation!

i’d say the one that you can most afford to lose which would be allosinosaurus. you have plenty of shattering if it dies. tryostronix is immune so could be useful if you run into a stunning/DoT dino. ive never been a fan of tragosists, but wouldn’t be a bad starter either.