Is it a bad time to try to reach Aviary?

I’m very close, but worry I’m going to hit a brick wall when I get over 4500 due to the tournament and will be facing much higher level players?

Well, you may as well try! The entire game has led up to the decision to advance or fall back! Go get em!!! Wishing best luck! :+1:


Why do u want to get into aviary where u get a chance to meet all the high lvl players? The only reason I can think of is u want the OTO.

Cos the only difference between Lockwood n aviary incubators is Pteranodon…

I’ve been bouncing between 4602 and 4300 I just got back over 4500 and as soon as my incubator slots are empty I’ll be battling again and hoping for the best .and I don’t seem to have battled anyone too hard over the 4500 mark …so far


I suppose after all the time and effort given I’m curious how far my team can go before plateauing. It would be nice to give the effort during a time that the field isn’t chaos lol

Yup. Story of mine. Good luck.

Good luck . Unless we battle each other then I hope you’re battery runs out :grin:

Lol I invested in rechargeable, the environmentally friendly ones!

I was in the Ruins before 1.5 hit, then they jumped me straight to Aviary, skipping Lockwood all together.

Have never played a single match in Lockwood lol. Thats ok though as I havent played a single match in Aviary either.

I also dont buy pixles so it was ok for me to miss the Lockwood 1-time offer.

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Is it a bad time to try to reach Aviary?

no, but its not the best of times to be there, i can assure you.

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I love it in here :+1:t3: loved it before the reduced

You battled me yesterday, it was a good game.

I always enjoy meeting someone I know from the forum in the arena. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’d personally go for Aviary, since the Lockwood mannor looks kinda bad. I’d say it is hands down the worst map design-wise.

Aviary on the other hand looks absolutely fantastic.

Try and push further!!!
Use any defeat as a learning experience, and take that chance that you’ll win your way up higher :ok_hand:t2:


Did you win ? :grinning:

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Thanks for all the input :slightly_smiling_face: I’m gonna give it my best and keep my fingers crossed all goes well!

5 wins, 1 loss tonight and no regrets creating thor, what a great team member!


I did… but it could have been you, it was close!

I’ll add you when I’m on tomorrow morning

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Made it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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