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Is it a hint?!

Okay sooooo Spoiler

In the newest dialog with Eveline we talked about having to go home for a secret mission and MC brought up Dr. Vile and his moon base.

I’m over here bouncing in my chair praying it’s a hint that we will see Vile again soon.

I know, I know… doubtful but still! It was a cool moment.

I hope so! I have been missing Dr. Vile so much. I mean when he “ended things” and then sent the drone with that note, my heart was ready to burst. I need more Dr. Vile. Also, how cool would it be to find out his real name?

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Is Eveline the camgirl? I’m matched with Jade, and I took the line about the secret mission as MC being cheeky, but I totally missed the moon base comment. Interesting!

There was a comment about his Airship too! I was amused.

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I caught that but I just melt whenever she calls the mc baby❤

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Oh I really hope so! Dr Vile story is so different, love it so much!