Is it a Wildcard?

In honor of Wildcard week, we’re going to be taking a look at all the game’s Wildcard class dinos, and asking: “Are they actually a Wildcard?”. Ludia sure has made a lot of dinos in the Wildcard class lately, but does that really match their functionality? Is there a different class that describes them better? That’s what we’re gonna find out!

The rules are simple. We look at each Wildcard dino’s attributes to determine if they are or are not a Wildcard. Since resistances seem to be all over the place across the board, we’ll be mostly concerned with each dino’s abilities. For a dino to qualify as a Wildcard, it must have significant ability representation from all three primary classes (cunning, fierce, and resilient). A dino may have distraction and shield break, but without something like deceleration or shields, it’s more of a Cunning-Fierce than a Wildcard.

That begs the question: which abilities are associated with each class? Here’s my personal way of looking at it, which offers a consistent and more objective way to assign classes to each dino. First, abilities are not judged holistically, but on their individual effects. For example, the shield break and armor piercing of Definite Shield Advantage count as fierce, and the shielding and dodge removal count as resilient. Secondly, not all abilities are created equal - there are tiers of importance, being primary and secondary abilities. Primary abilities are things like deceleration, distraction, and shield break. They are strongly associated with a particular class, and any dino with one of these abilities should belong to that class. Secondary abilities are only loosely associated with a class. They are essentially treated as neutral abilities unless a significant number of them from a particular class are found on a creature. For example, Ferocity is a secondary fierce ability. Creatures like Woolly Mammoth can have Ferocity, so if it were a primary fierce ability, these dinos would be part fierce. But Deinotherium has two attacks with Ferocity, so it qualifies as at least partially fierce. Vulnerability, despite being the new debuff in resilient attacks, is a secondary resilient ability - if it wasn’t, Indotaurus, Purussaurus and Purussaurus G2 would be Fierce-Resilient, which just doesn’t feel right. In the absence of any primary class abilities, secondary abilities determine a dino’s class. For example, Deinochierus is cunning because it’s only ability is speed increase, a secondary cunning ability. But the speed increase on something like Mammolania (from Dig In) isn’t enough to make Mammolania cunning because it only has one secondary cunning ability and no primary cunning abilities. There’s room for some personal interpretation here; if you think that Vulnerability should be a primary resilient ability, that’s ok - you do you.

So here are the effects.

Primary Fierce
Remove Shields
Damage Over Time

Secondary Fierce
Bypass Armor
Damage Increase (including Cloak)
Rend (% damage only)
Swap Prevention

Primary Resilient
Speed Decrease

Secondary Resilient
Remove Dodge
Bypass Dodge

Primary Cunning
Damage Reduction
Dodge (including Cloak)

Secondary Cunning
Speed Increase
Critical Chance Reduction

These abilities aren’t associated with any one particular class, and therefore have no influence over what class a dino belongs to. A dino with only neutral moves would be a Wildcard though.
“Vanilla” damage
Cleanse (all)
Nullify (all)
Increase Critical Chance
Automatic Swap
Rally Heal

With the rules explained, let’s go through all the Wildcards in the game. I’ll be looking at the Wildcard class, NOT the dinos featured in the event - some like Inostrancevia are not considered Wildcards in game, and are probably only included because of having relatively few abilities or making “Wildcard” hybrids (like Dodocevia). But are those hybrids actually Wildcards? Let’s find out!

It has mostly fierce abilities, but also has deceleration and a shield for resilient. What it lacks are any cunning effects whatsoever.

The verdict: Should be Fierce-Resilient

Most of the kit is a mix of cunning and fierce abilities. The counter does inflict Vulnerability, but this is a secondary resilient ability, and it’s the only one it has.

The verdict: I personally consider it to be more of a Cunning-Fierce, but I might let Wildcard slide because of the counter.

A truly diverse kit, it has distraction and shield break for cunning and fierce, and Vulnerability and Dodge Removal for resilient.

The verdict: Wildcard fits it well!

Mostly resilient abilities, but it does crucially have distraction from ID and shield break in the rending counter.

The verdict: Another true Wildcard.

The parent of so many Wildcards, but is it a Wildcard itself? Well, it has a fierce counter and a resilient shield and Vulnerability. What it lacks are any cunning traits.

The verdict: Should be Fierce-Resilient due to the lack of cunning influence. One Distracting attack would be enough to fix that though (maybe bring back Distracting Shields in place of Taunting Shields?).

Plenty of cunning effects, and the two Precise attacks are enough to qualify as resilient as well. But is the precise piercing Strike enough to count as fierce?

The verdict: It probably isn’t. Coelhaast plays much more like a Cunning-Resilient, or even a pure cunning.

Almost entirely cunning effects, the only exception being the armor piercing on Flightless Strike, which is shares with the pure cunning Dodo.

The verdict: It should just be Cunning, not even a hybrid class! It’s identical to the cunning Dodo, but gains another distracting move, and loses 50% speed decrease resistance compared to it’s ingredient.

Like Andrewtherium and Carnotaurus, it has a good mix of fierce and resilient abilities, but lacks cunning traits entirely.

The verdict: Should be Fierce-Resilient

Lots of cunning and resilient abilities. Seems to lack any fierce ability outside of it’s counter, which it shares with several pure resilients (Rajasaurus, Lythronax, Majungasaurus).

The verdict: The counter doesn’t seem to be enough to make it fierce, so Cunning-Resilient is a better fit.

A good mix of distraction, shield break, and Shielding, among a few other various effects.

The verdict: A true Wildcard

While it has distraction and deceleration, it seems to lack fierce abilities outside of the swap in, which it shares with plenty of pure resilient creatures.

The verdict: Cunning-Resilient seems to be a better fit. If the armor piercing swap in is enough to make it a wildcard, then Sinoceratops should be Fierce-Resilient.

Like Monostegotops has primary cunning and resilient effects, but only a secondary fierce effect. Should probably just be Cunning-Resilient as well.

Has fierce DoT moves and cunning distraction, but nothing resilient.

The verdict: Should be Cunning-Fierce.

Varied effects, including shield break, distraction, and shielding.

The verdict: Wildcard seems to fit it well.

Another varied kit, with Deceleration, DoT, and Distraction.

The verdict: Another Wildcard!

As a common, it has a limited kit. It’s only primary ability is the fierce shield break, but it has secondary resilient representation.

The verdict: The rules say it should be Fierce, but given the limitations of being a common, I’ll let Wildcard slide, especially since the speed means it plays a lot like a cunning. If it replaced Definite strike with Crafty Strike (like Quetz), it may be more of a Wildcard, having armor piercing (fierce) dodge bypass (resilient) and being able to remove damage increase and crit chance increase similar to cunning attacks.

Has primary cunning and fierce attacks in Distracting Impact and Defense Shattering Rampage, and has several secondary resilient effects as well.

The verdict: Wildcard

Representing every primary effect besides Shields, Thyla strongly represents all three classes.

The verdict: A Wildcard for sure, even if it’s primarily known as a tankbuster.

Has primary and secondary resilient effects, but otherwise lacks any other class effects besides Ferocity.

The verdict: if PFS is enough to make Tsintamoth fierce, Woolly Mammoth and Entelolania should be Fierce too, which just doesn’t fit how they play. Tsintamoth should even be Fierce-Resilient, let alone a Wildcard - it’s just Resilient.

Interesting in that it lacks any primary effects, or even two secondary effects from a single class, it has equal quantities of fierce and resilient secondary effects.

The verdict: definitely unusual, but a lack of cunning traits mean that this dino is more of a Fierce-Resilient.

So where does that leave us? Out of the 20 Wildcards in the game, only 7-9 actually function as one. Thats not a lot. But are there any dinos of other classes that should be Wildcards?

First there’s Diplovenator. While it does primarily have cunning and fierce abilities, it does have two anti-dodge abilities. Remove either one though (e.g. just make the counter Defense Shattering Counter), and it’s just a Cunning-Fierce.

Of course, the poster child of “should be a Wildcard” is Hydraboa. It has TONS of abilities, with DoT and Ferocity representing Fierce, precise and healing representing Resilient, and Distraction and Dodge strongly representing cunning. Calling this thing a pure cunning is a disservice to everything it can do.

If we add in some combination of Hydra Boa and Diplovenator, that brings us up to 8-11 Wildcards. But most of the things labeled as “Wildcards” really shouldn’t be. It’s a rare and amazing thing for a dino to actually represent all three classes well, and it shouldn’t be something to take lightly. The Wildcard label shouldn’t be thrown around as much as it is, and just saying a dink belongs to a certain class with a label doesn’t make it so.


Yeah, I’ve actually thought about this before, very interesting. I will have to read more later but good job! Looks like you spent a lot of time on this!


…Dodocevia is classified as a wildcard? I always saw it as a cunning!

Great list though, and also a reason why the class system feels a bit off at times.


I must say, this is something that has been bugging me for a long time. The class system to begin with was such a strange idea, it seemed like it never worked properly and honestly kinda became a caste system, with cunnings at the bottom and resilients at the top.
Also, I have to tell you good job. This sums everything up pretty well and shows how inaccurate all of this is. But I must point out some things.

Cleanse (secondary resilient)
Nullify (secondary cunning)
Stun (primary resilient)
Increase Critical Chance (secondary fierce)
Taunt (secondary resilient)
Rally Heal (secondary resilient)
Pinning (secondary fierce)

These are the true neutral abilities:
Automatic Swap

Now why do I think that the non neutral abilities are class based?
Cleanse can be found in many creatures, but a total cleanse is mostly common in resilients and often paired with healing.
Think about it, how many creatures that nullify completely are cunning, and how many aren’t?
All Ceratopsids have stunning abilities, and long ago they had only that, and they are all resilients.
Increase crit chance? Well, the only creatures to do that are fierce.
Taunt is found in resilients, often paired up with shields.
Rally Heal is still heal. Resilient.
Pinning has to be fierce, considering Purussaurus Gen 2 being a fierce with only one move that isn’t resilient, and what’s that? A pinning move. And let’s not forget No Escape!

Now, why do I write this? Only to try to aid in making sense. Apart from this, I agree with you to 100%, @Mudkipz


I’ll share my thoughts on all of these. In general it’s not purely which dinos have the move, but how they interact with other classes.

Cleanse is something that tends to benefit anything that has it against any other class, it just happens that Ludia doesn’t give it to cunnings very often. Plus tons of fierce have cleansing too. Fierce can cleanse distraction, resilients can Cleanse DoT, and cunnings can cleanse deceleration. A cunning with a pure cleansing move could exist and would still be very cunning, it just doesn’t. That’s the other thing: tons of moves tack on cleansing as a secondary effect. For example, sidestep has a cleanse. But that doesn’t mean that dinos with Sidestep should be resilient, since it’s otherwise an entirely cunning move. But even if it was secondary, a dino with Sidestep and one Precise attack would be resilient, which just doesn’t work. Given how common and widespread cleanse actually is, and how it can benefit pretty much any class in any matchup, it’s very neutral.

Nullify is kind of the opposite of Cleanse. Again it could benefit any dino that has the move against any class, so that makes it neutral for me. A cunning can remove damage increase or shields. A fierce could remove Shields or dodge. A resilient could remove dodge or a damage buff. It really does help an any matchup where positive effects are involved; not like for example cunning attacks which nullify buffs associated with a specific class. I tend to agree with this more than cleansing being resilient though, since moves that nullify all buffs tend to be found almost exclusively on cunnings compared to cleansing moves being pretty widespread across the board.

In terms of dinos that have stun, almost all of them are resilient or inherent it from a resilient ancestor (like Thor getting it from Sinoceratops). It definitely isn’t primary though, otherwise Thor and Allosino would be part resilient, and Phorusaura, Phorurex, Stegoceras, etc. would as well. If anything it would be secondary resilient. Where that falls apart is in which dinos resist stun. When you look at stun resistant dinos, a TON of them are cunning (about 40%). You just wouldn’t expect a number that high if stun is designed to counter cunning. In fact, it’s approximately 1/3 of the cast, and lots of dinos of all classes have stun resistance, making it more of its own thing than anti any particular class. So for that reason, I consider it to be neutral.

This one I want to agree with, but it’s hard. Ludia used to keep this ability mostly in fierce dinos, but if you’ve noticed lately a TON of dinos are getting moves that increase crit chance. It seems to be their go to for “this move just needs to do one more thing, so let’s just have it increase crit chance” no matter what class the dino is. Yes cunning moves directly counter this, but given that stuff like Haastmax have multiple crit increase moves, it just doesn’t make sense for it to be anything other than neutral anymore. Still, cunnings counter this pretty directly, so it’s hard to argue that it shouldn’t be fierce based on class interactions. I’ve considered splitting crit increase into moves that increase crit chance over time and can be nullified (e.g. Extended Critical Strike) which would be fierce, and moves that have a guaranteed Critical Hit for a single attack (e.g. critical impact) which would be neutral (since they can’t really be countered). I’m not even sure if that solves it though. Another option could be to create a level for “tertiary abilities”, for stuff like Crit Increase and Taunt, where 2 tertiary abilities = 1 secondary ability (so 4 tertiary abilities = 1 primary abilitiy).

This one I could be convinced of pretty easily since all Defense Shattering moves remove taunt, the only major consequence is that Indotaurus would be considered a Wildcard, which honestly I’m not against.

Rally Heal is tied too closely to the Flock mechanic to be anything other than neutral. Otherwise pretty much every flock creature would be that much more resilient simply because of the Rally mechanic. Compsocaulus has a Rally Heal and a Taunt: if both were resilient, CompC would be cunning-resilient. Compsognathus has two Rally Heal moves, enough to make it Cunning-Resilient as well based on that alone. You could argue that Rally helps dinos persist on the battlefield, a fairly resilient trait. But that’s really part of how flocks as a whole work, and being able to bring back flock members is pretty essential for how they function. Based on usage alone, Rally would be Cunning if anything, but there’s nothing to stop Ludia from making flocks of any class in the future, so I left it as neutral.

I agree on this one. It’s actually already in the post, I just called it “Swap prevention”.

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Wild cards according to Ludia are dinos that are focused to team work and not defined by having attributes to every class. But I am glad that you keep mentioning how wild cards should have attributes to each class.

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And I find that to be a incredibly bad definition on Ludia’s part. For one, it’s incredibly subjective. Plenty of dinos that do focus on teamwork like Irritator aren’t Wildcards. And really, shouldn’t every dino focus on teamwork, doing their own role in their own way to help you win? Defining it more based on abilities makes much more sense. Plus it doesn’t excuse stuff like Dodocevia being Wildcard while Dodo is Cunning despite having nearly identical kits - what makes Dodocevia so much more focused on teamwork than Dodo? There’s just too much subjectivity in how Ludia assigns classes, and Wildcards really are the poster child of that.

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Diplodocus and Gem have sheild break


So I checked this one out a bit. If you separate Critical chance increase into attacks that increase crit chance over time and attacks with a guaranteed crit, most dinos are unaffected (besides one’s that would be affected anyway, like Stegoceras being a pure cunning instead of Cunning-Fierce). Coelhaast and Megalotops both qualify as Wildcards though, so that’s kinda cool. The only weird one is that Haast Max becomes a Cunning-Fierce, with two attacks that increase crit chance and one swap prevention move.

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They are both resilient

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Exactly. Those would count as Fierce-Resilient in that case. I didn’t talk about them here though since I was focusing on Wildcards.


Some changes that I wanted to mention-

  1. Stun - secondary resilient (majority of stun is seen in resilients, some seen in fierce, and only one seen in cunning classes)
  2. Taunt - secondary resilient (taunt could have been primary resilient, if indotaurus didnot have it)
  3. Precise and dodge removal - secondary resilient/cunning (both resilients and cunnings equally have precise)
  4. Rend should be primary fierce, only fierce and wildcards have rend
  5. Nullify can be secondary cunning, as no fierce has it, and only 1 pure resilient has nullify
  6. Ferocity should be secondary fierce/resilient. Many resilients have ferocity and they form a large part of their moveset (sarcorixis)
    Tanycolagreus can be cunning fierce, as it has 2 secondary cunning abilities, and 1 fierce ability
    Tsintaosaurus should be resilient, as it has all secondary resilient abilities
    Other than that, great job! :+1::+1:

Lol thanks. I’ve put a lot of thought into all of these, so I’ll explain my reasoning for them.

I’ve explained this above, but this is more about what stun is effective against than which dinos have it, and tons of cunnings resist stun, so it doesn’t make sense as a resilient effect. It’s not like deceleration where it pretty much always counters cunnings outside of a handful of edge cases like the sloths, CompC, and Dracoceratosaurus. Stun resistance is all over the place and about equally common in all classes, so it makes sense as a neutral effect.

I’d give it secondary, but definitely not primary. Then Poukandactylus and both compys would be resilient ( Sideflap; Hop and Mock). Although even being secondary still makes Indotaurus partially resilient since it also has vulnerable. It also has enough cunning and especially fierce traits to be a Wildcard though in that case.

The entire point of having secondary abilities is that certain dinos can have them without belonging to that class, and that’s the relationship these abilities have with the cunning class. Even if they’re fairly common on cunnings (especially precise), they’re fundamentally designed to counter cunning dodgers, so they can’t be anything other than resilient in my book. That would be like saying shield break is a resilient effect. Cunnings can have one of these effects no problem, but the effects aren’t cunning themselves. I think it’s mostly there so dodge doesn’t counter it’s own class too hard.

You’re forgetting Dracoceratosaurus (swap in Savagery is a rending ability - in fact, when rend was introduced, Ludia specifically noted that it wouldn’t always be tied to shield break). It happens that most rending attacks also break shields and pierce armor, so dinos that have them usually end up as fierce no matter what anyway. But rend by itself is only secondary.

Once again, it comes down to how effective the move is for each class, not neccesarily which dinos have it. Any class could use nullify to great effect against any other, so it’s pretty neutral across the board. Fierce dinos could make good use of nullify, but the reason they tend not to have it is probably because the only things they should really be nullifying (taunt and shields) are already covered by defense shattering moves. Resilients could also use nullify to beat dodge, but again they have a specific ability for that. If nullify ONLY removed damage/crit increase, then I would consider it to be secondary cunning.

Again, this is the entire reason why I distinguished between primary and secondary effects. Resilients can have this ability, but it isn’t resilient in itself (just like resilients getting speed increases through Dig In doesn’t make them cunning). Really it just comes down to a few resilient dinos in the Mammoth line, but again that’s covered by making Ferocity a secondary effect rather than primary. Also cunning attacks directly counter Ferocity, so it would be weird if it was resilient. Sarcorixis I personally consider it to be Fierce-Resilient anyway because of it’s Ferocity combined with multiple swap prevention moves. I also consider some other resilients with Ferocity to be Fierce-Resilient, like Majundaboa (which also has armor piercing to boot).

Not by the way I define them. Tany is a bit of an enigma though. I think Wildcard fits it better than Cunning-Fierce, but it would be far from the worst class assignment in the game.

Again, not by my definition. It’s as fierce as it is resilient.


Diplo and Gem should be Resilient-Fierce


There are also a couple of super hybrids that should have been into wildcards but Ludia for some reason didn’t. Spinocon has ancestry from all 3 classes, yet it was made a Daring, while Dilophoboa was made as a pure Cunning, and Orion should be a Wildcard since they made Tany as such, but they also had Ptera as a pure Resilient despite Pteranodon being a Fierce. They never seem to be able to know what quite to do with classes, making hybrids that are from the same class wildcards ( and in Suchotator’s case being moves unrelated to that class), and putting some hybrids that should be a mix of classes under just one.

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I would like to say that in general, any Nullifying Ability that nullifies EVERY positive effect should be classified as a Wild Card Only Ability. It nullifies shield, dodge/cloak, damage/crit/speed increase


It doesn’t always line up with ancestry (just look at Suchotator), more so with the abilities each dino has. In this case, Spinoconstrictor, Dilophoboa, Quetzorion, and Pteraquetzal are all correct in my book. Spinoconstrictor only has cunning and fierce abilities outside of one precise attack, which isn’t enough to make it resilient. Dilophoboa is entirely cunning besides one Precise attack and the swap prevention on venomous Counter (neither of which are enough to make it fierce or resilient). Quetzorion lacks any sufficient fierce traits outside of one armor piercing move to be a Wildcard, which isn’t enough. And Pteraquetzal’s abilities are all resilient besides the counter, which again isn’t enough (lots of resilients like medium therapods have that same Counter). Now maybe they could have designed their moves differently so that they did inherit more from their hybrid parents, but it doesn’t bother me at all when a dinos class doesn’t match their ancestry, only when it doesn’t match their abilities. They just made each dino work in their own way I guess.


Good explanation guys wildcard is interesting so anyways we will explain it for discussion and use the real wildcard cause of wildcard creatures is not in primary classes ( fierce cunning resilient)
If we read this topic we can actually use a true wildcard

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