Is it back yet

Just thought I would get the “Is the game back on yet” thread going. Not like there is anything else to do now lol :joy:


I just started a scent! :wink:


Are they done yet?

If the are it’s a different company doing it not Ludia lol :joy:

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Wholly molly! It’s still not back yet!

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It really is amazing, in this day and age, that they cannot make this work. I do not know of any other application that shuts down their servers to do an update.

‘Sorry if you’re editing videos, Adobe is going to do an update, which could take us 7 hours or more, so we will need to turn off all your programs for the day.’

Have not played it for a while, but do not recall PoGo shutting down for the day whenever they rolled out an update.

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I’d chalk it up to bad spaghetti code for this kind of thing.


But why not use sandbox servers so you know it is all working, then roll it over? Other companies seem to make it work just fine.

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Because ludia.

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Update is out now