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Is it better?

I know that distracting rampage distracts for multiple turns but cunning rampage is just better because it cleanses DoT and removes critical and attack increases while it still distracts and removes critical chance while having 1 cool down but distracting rampage has a 2 turn cool down.
Could someone tell me if this is balanced please?

Other than the fact that your opponent will barely get a full attack on you unless they have a full resistance to distraction or use cleansing abilities, everything looks good. It would make for an incredible combo with the right abilities, the opponent will be useless without proper counters. Is it a mono/dilo mix, may i ask?

Wel they have 2 different functions. Distracting Rampage allows you to set up for a full 100% distraction turn 3 while still allowing good damage. Cunning Rampage can allow a full distraction turn 2, but then you’re left open turn 3.

In my opinion, distracting rampage is the worst attack in the game

Why though?

There are plenty that are worse. At least this does times 2 damage and negates the damages enemies inflict onto you for 2 turns.

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