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Is it enough to go to Indoraptor way

Hi guys
I want to unlock Indoraptor but wanna Know if my line up is enough powerfull.

Amphibian :
4 ostaposaurus l23 : possibility 4 l30
1 diplosuchus l32 : up to 40
2 masto l30 : fuse to 1 l40
2 presto l30 : fuse to 1 l40

Herbivore :
3 monostegatops l14 : go to l20
2 eolambia l30 : fuse to 1 l40
2 apatosaurus l30 : fuse to 1 l40
2 segnosuchus l10 : fuse to 1 l19 or l20
(Probably 2 others segnosuchus tomorrow White discount time)

4 tapejo l14 : go to l20
4 eudimorphodon l30 : fuse to 2 l40
2 pterodactylus l30 : fuse to 1 l40
2 metriaphodon l10 : fuse to 1 (dont Know wich level maybe 17)

4 irex l21 : up 2 level 21 to create indoraptor
So keep 2 l21 up to l30
2 irex g2 up to 1 l30
1 raja l27 up to l30
2 baryonyx l30 : fuse to 1 l40
4 concaténation l30 : fuse to 2 l40
2 tanyco l30 : fuse 1 to l40
3 dimetrocarnus l17 : up to l20 ot maybe more

And some other less powerfull for tournament.

Does someone confirm me that l40 vip are about 9575 férocity points, so exactly like indoraptor at level 2 ?

After unlock indoraptor i Will be able to create 11 another ones (26k sdna raptor)
So i think my carnivore are ok but i fear about amphibian

Does someone confirm me that l40 vip are about 9575 férocity points, so exactly like indoraptor at level 2 ?


If u have VIP level 40s you are set for indoraptor

There’s a few threads about this topic on the forum, but I want to present my experience here since it differs in some aspects – the ‘ferocity needed for Indo’ aspect – from some things I’ve read.

First off, it all comes down to the level intended for the Indos. Also, it matters whether or not do you care about completing daily events. I have had 4 Indos – all at level 01 – for a couple of months now, and I complete every single daily event, no exceptions. Here is what my experience shows: There is no need for VIP’s at level 40. At 30 they are strong enough and, for my game, it would be a big mistake to get one 40 out of two 30’s.

My strongest creature is a Tape at level 25, which I rarely use – eventually for Infinity Battle, but I’m pretty sure I’d survive without her. The heavy duty is carried by Tapes at 20 and Metrias, at 10, 11, 12. For the herbivorous part, my strongest ones are Segno at 16 and Mono at 20. Again, I do not use them frequently, sometimes for IB. For the most part I trust heavily on Segnos and Monos at lower levels. The trickiest part is regarding the amphibians. Not because you will need them more than any other class. The problem is that there is a lack of them in the game. We do not have neither the amphibian equivalent to Tape or Mono, nor the equivalent to Segno or Metria. So I use all I’ve got, Ostapo at 30, Gorgo at 20, VIP’s at 30, and Diplos, at 30 and, sometimes, at 20. But I definitely do not need anything stronger than that. With that kind of ferocity I’m able to complete all daily events with no problems.

I think there would not be any significant difference if I had 12 instead of 4 Indos, as long as they are all kept at level 01. However, if you’re planning Indos at higher levels, my experience is not going to help you much.


I’ve got 12 Indoraptors and 12 Indoraptor Gen 2s. Level 30 VIPs, level 21 Monostegatops, level 21 Tapejalocephalus, and level 30 Diplosuchus generally work well with the Indoraptors. My only trouble is when I need a high health Amphibian. My Gorgosuchuses are still at level 10. That’s something that I’m going to need to change at some point.


As others have said do not start fusing your VIP’s and other creatures, instead hatch out an Indoraptor (don’t feed it) and see how your events change or not over a couple of days while the next one is hatching. Continue to do this as you hatch additional Indoraptors. You will notice where you begin to lean on certain parts of your lineups more than others, and that will give you an idea of where you should put your focus for DNA while you continue to use SDNA to hatch out your Indoraptors. Probably the worse thing you can do is start fusing in mass as this will halve the creatures you have available to support.

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Thank you for all feedback

My plan is to hatch 11 or 12 indo not only 1 thats why i plan to up vips 30 to 40.

That’s still a bad idea to fuse, just my opinion though.

only merge if you have too many VIPs excess…

Plus: VIPs level 40 is good when indoraptor is at level 10…

Dont level up indoraptor :joy:

Looking by stats indoraptor level 2 is exactly the same ferocity than l40 vips

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yep but are you able to have VIPs level 40 without reducing the number of creatures?


The issue is if you fuse your VIP’s from 30 to 40 you are halving the amount of creatures that can support your Indoraptors, once you have 7-10 Indoraptors then you can think about fusing the lvl 30 VIP if you are not using all of them. Basically if you aren’t using all your 30’s then it won’t hurt your game to fuse them to 40. But if you are using all your lvl 30’s once you fuse you will have half the creatures to use.

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i have a project to use indoraptor lvl1 in a few days. what i already have:
6 segno lvl 11 (I’ll put it on lvl 18).
7 lvl 14 gorgo (I’ll put it at lvl 20)
6 lvl 15 tape (I’ll put it on lvl 20)
1 zaldomon (I don’t remember if that’s his name in English, but it’s the flyer) lvl 14 (I’ll put it on lvl 20).

my idea, to be very safe in events, is 10 indoraptor lvl 1, 10 segno, 10 gorgo and 3 zalmodon (unfortunately I don’t have metri so I don’t want to spend too much on this flyer, my idea is to use tapeja)
and some more vips lvl 30 support, some mono lvl 20 (currently I have 5).
any advice for me?


I think that’s a good plan.


thanks, chris. I’m being patient and planning every move a lot

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Well, I think you will be better served than I am… So, just go for it and have fun. Just a suggestion, if I may: Get the Metria. I’m sure you are not going to regret using your DNA on her.

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he’s in my future plans but i don’t have metriacanthosaurus unlocked. I stopped playing last year and started playing again in March. I missed this guy’s events


at level 20 nobody can stop this flyer not even himself lol


he is too strong, attack too high. BIIIIRRRL :joy:

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here is bodybuilder :joy: