Is it even any fun?

Seriously, is playing a monster boosted Thor even any fun?

CHOMP crit - dead
CHOMP crit - dead
CHOMP crit - dead

Oh boy… sign me up.


Add DC on the third move.

Some people like good, intense battles. Others just want to absorb as many trophies as possible by any means necessary. Mega Thors and DCs belong to people who don’t really care about the fight. They just want trophies.


Crit dmg got reduced, distracting dinos got added, and Thor is still a very slow dino, so why aren’t yours faster? I can’t say Thor bugs me a lot to be honest. It’s just one of many dinos that can kill you and that can die.

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Agreed. I never saw Thor as a problem either, it destroys teams when it is over boosted and overleveled. Matchmaking and boosts are the problem, not Thor. The crit nerf helps a lot. Now even overleveled thors won’t kill my utahsino even if it crits twice. If boosts are taken in consideration when nerfing dinos we’ll end up with a lot of crappy dinos once it evens out.

Crit reduce on Thor is a joke. I am still getting killed by crit hits a lot. It killed 2 of my dinos in 1 shot crits same fight. 3rd dino killed the Thor but I still lost overall. I hate Thor