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Is it good to level up quickly?

I’ve understood that it’s unwise to get one or two dinos to high ferocity because it affects the stats of the AI events and that makes it harder to play PvE. What about your account/park level?

I’ve noticed that tournaments are bracketed and I’m at level 37 so I assume that once I pass level 40 I’ll be in the next bracket and my opponents will be much harder. Would it be better for me to deliberaletly not advance the missions to stop my park level advancement but continue to increase my dinosaur count and stats so that I get easier opponents in the tournaments or are the price packs for lower standings in the 40+ level bracket worth going over?

Also, I noticed that my son for some reason had two instances of the latest tournament on his account just after he reached level 30. Will he get two price packs? Is he participating in two brackets at the same time?

Thanks for any help.


Bracketed tournaments are rare. You’ll likely be in the top level by the time we have another one.

That being said, if you nerf your park level, it could help you get more common and rare unlocks, which will help get you more hybrid choices. If you have the DNA for them.

The only suggestion on leveling I have, is if the level brackets for the unlocks match your pack level, try to unlock the lower level and level up your park that same day to unlock the higher level one too.

Someone else said they did this. I wish I had.


I wouldn’t worry about level too much, but if you want to “camp” levels, do it after you hit level 50 Park.

You’ll have unlocked Trade Harbor then and you would be able to build up a lot of valuable resources and maintaining the park level of your choice.

Unlocking higher levels also unlocks “better” dinos through the “Battle Stages” for you as well. It’s good if you can’t make Dominator league yet to unlock some top-tier dinos yourself.

As @Timmah said, this is my first bracketed tournament too and I’ve played a little over 3+ months, rushed to level 90 Park and too many dino choices to hatch right now.

Someone with more experience might be able to clarify about your son’s tournament, but we would find out in just under 2 days as well :grinning:

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I would wait to slow my growth until level 60 so you have Clash of Titans available


I’ve been playing for a few months and park level was at level 62 I believe. Then one day or jumped to 90, is that normal? I was working on getting 10 level 40 Pterosaurs and it changed before I even completed that mission to gain experience points. I went and started doing as many battle stages add I could thinking maybe it was a glitch. I’m on battle stage 69 right now, but now I’m wondering if it makes the game harder.

The Fight For Funds mission today is much harder than the PVE missions have been. Maybe I upgraded my Stegoceratops to level 30 and two Tapejalosaurus’ to level 21 too soon and now I’m struggling with PVE.

That’s a strange glitch, from level 62 one night to level 90 the next day?

Congratulations on making it level 90 though! :partying_face:

The PvE Fight For Funds is usually more difficult than some other events. Even players who have been playing for a long time skip that, I’ve read.

Do you have other dinos around same ferocity as the Lv21 Tapejalosaurus? About 2500-3000? A good line up of Level 10 VIPs should balance it out a bit, even with the Stegoceratops being a little over 1K ferocity than Tapejalosaurus.

Wait until tomorrow to see how well you do with the other events, if you feel like dropping ferocity you could consider selling the Stegoceratops to make events more manageable. I would keep the Strgo if you can still complete the events, it’s up to you.

Also, the Battle Stages will increase in difficulty regardless of your ferocity. It’s level based, I was using level 10 VIPs to fight “dominator” strength teams in the later stages.


Yeah, PvE is based off your top 3 dinos strength. You sound unbalanced. You can sell top unbalanced Dinos or struggle until you level more up.


Yes, Fight For Funds is hard. It is easily the hardest PvE of the week for me and for a while (when I reached the level cap for the first time at lvl 85) I had to skip it because the opponents were much stronger than my best dinos. Levelling them up to between 5.3 and 4.8k ferocity (from about 4.4k) meant I could compete again but that may be different for you. I do wonder what criteria is used for generating the opposition in this event.


I’m park level 90. My top dino is a level 40 T-Rex (3561F) and I have beaten all of the F4F events.

What was so hard? I have enough depth in dinos, I can always work class advantage.

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I beat today’s Fight for Funds. I think I lost one battle. My top dino is a level 30 Stegoceratops.

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FfF is based on your top creatures, so if you have good balance at the top it should be challenging but not impossible.


I have been doing ok on PVE. I’m usually able to finish them in the morning before work. Today with all the legendary battles, I did had to pay for the speed ups a couple of times because I didn’t want to wait 2 hours for my amphibian guy twice. I still have 2 battles left on the non-mod one, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem.

I was just mentioning the FfF win because the other day when I posted, I think I lost 2 or 3 battles with some of my top guys and it seemed to be more of luck for me then a guaranteed win. I feel asleep that day before my cool downs finished, so I didn’t get to try and finish the last battle.

It sounds like you might want to slow down leveling your dinos up in favor of having more.

At your level, this pause might only be a week or two.