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Is it good?

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Reduce the attack to 1500 or 1600, remove all those resistances, reduce the health to about 3600, and i think it would be better suited with the ornithomimid rig, and remove the armour too

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im so lazy to do this resistance bcs im not thinking about it

I like the move set but I agree, if it’s to be a non hybrid and a commen, the resistances and the stats do need a little bit of a change. Love the move set tho! I think that is a cool concept. Always want more thery type creatures in the game.

Why’s revenge nullifying impact like that? I’d think revenge nullifying impact would be the exact same but turned into a turn one nullifying rampage. You also don’t need to include chances for all moves. Outside of all that, needs some resistances removed, hp reduced, damage reduced, and to lose the armor. I think the speed and crit are fine.

I have three abilities,Strong Bite Strike,Revenge Nullifying Impact,Revenge Nullifying Rampage

thx you!!!

The cooldown is too long and no delay when revenge is active

revenge null actually already exists

Maybe a little too strong damage wise but over all good

Oh and the crit should be lowered to like 20-25%

its broken


i suggest nerfing resistences and lowering the attack

i said im not thinking about it🙂

This seems way too good for a common

1 it’s broken its damage is to high 2 if there Is a revenge a. Shorten the cooldown on revenge b. Make the attack 1.5 or 1 c. Make the cooldown in general 1 or 2 for cooldown