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Is it just bad luck?

Playing through the test of might. First level and I am crushing it. Of the 10 I need to win, I only lose maybe 4 or 5 times. This is pretty good for me. The bigger issue I have is the connectivity. The second level I loose 3 of 3, the last time to a crash. The last fight was a tight 1 and I would have done the same thing as my opponent and ‘kicked a man while he was down’. It probably just is just emotional bias…but this is why I never pay to continue these ToM. I know this subject has been bashed against the wall… so I guess my rant here is done.

I currently sit 144 in global rankings, have 4 of the 10 pieces of pie required for stage 1, have fought 20 battles so far and have been slaughtered 6 in a row… so no idea!

I only really do the ToM when all my chests are full anyhow. It is entirely too much to complete it all, even if I was willing to pay the gem prices. I agree when people point out that it’s worth the Legendaries in the long run…but I would never be able to play that much anyhow.

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Its not at all random or bad luck. It’s plain and simple FRAUD. They are deliberately misrepresenting “fairness” with BS matchups to get you to spend gems.

Not me brother…I have clearly stated to them, that as long as this persist I will not spend my gems on this. I have sent numerous messages to them about it. #findsomeothersucker :grin:

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