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Is it just me or did the fuses become worse?

Seriously, I wanted to write this many times but I always thought I might‘ve had just bad luck.
But since I also started recording my fusings, I‘m starting to believe that Ludia made the fuses worse since latest update.

When they introduces Spinonyx, I received so freaking many 10s on it that I‘d even doubt my misfortune if I had not made the vids of it. I had tons of Spino and Bary DNA but received so frakking many 10s that I‘m still working on getting it to lvl 20.

But it‘s far worse with my Uniques. I get so many 10s on fuses that I can‘t remember when I received my last fuse that was bigger than 30. I usually record or screenshot it and I feel like Ludia manipulated the fuses.

When I fuse epic or rare hybrids I get 30s and 40s, sometimes even 50s. But now even a 20 is very rare when I fuse an Unique or legendary.
Same with Ardontosaurus, still working on lvl 20 one because of so many 10s.

I wonder since a while but as I said I always thought it might be misfortune. But when I compared my latest records to older ones before 1.8 I really feel like they reduced the good fuses.

Someone else experienced this or feel like this? I even feel unmotivated to collect the needed DNA because I get 10s with a chance of like 70%.

On Spinonyx, the chance of 10s in my case is between 70-80%. I got two 50s when unlocking it, but then the 10s came. I used thousands of DNA and I‘m still at lv 19 with it.


they have gotten worse but i have also gotten some juicy ones still.


I’ve started out well on fusing for Spinonyx, with a 50 and a 30. Got a 30 and 20 on indominus, so close to lvl 20, only need 10 more DNA. So seems pretty much same as before to me.

Congrats, I never received something like this since last update.
I mean, I often got 20-30 and sometimes 50s. I even got two times a 100 on legendaries, but now only 10s, 10s and 10s.


Well, I fused many many times right when Spinonyx got implemented and I mostly got 10s.
Now it‘s the same, every time I get enough Bary DNA and fuse I get a 10. I got a 20 last week but other than that I always saw a 10. <.<

I’m getting mostly 10s on Carnotarkus… and the only way i can get Wuerho DNA seems to be from sanctuary because it has disappeared from all areas in my city.

In my case, Spinonyx seems to be a hybrid I get most of the 10 fuses. Like if I have one hybrid that has very many bad fuses compared to some others.
But on the other hand, I also received many 10s on my Tryko, Indo and Dilora.

I also have the feeling it has become worse.
My interest with this game is slowly declining and getting 10’s so many times is just straight up annoying. Especially when you need 400-500 DNA to level up or when the DNA is extremely valuable. it is not rewarding at all.


I just got a 90 on an erlikospyx fuse. Plus the run of 50, 50, 60 on quetzo… That being said I’ve also gotten a run of 8 tens in a row.

Seems the same to me.

can I tell you how many 10s I got in a row today?

Been trying to get the unique for erliko and spino…all 10 fuses…the whole time. Now dna is exhausted and literally none of those dinos exist on the map anymore. So guess it’s another half a year wait to actually get this stupid Dino. Same with the magnapyrator if that’s how you spell it. This game sucks so much. Never felt so cheated by a game.


I dunno man. I just prayed for a 50 fusing Ankytro and got it, then I turned that into 40 Tryko to level that. Never seen such luck. :see_no_evil:
The last 100 I got was Majunga yesterday, been a few weeks before then. :man_shrugging:

I notice I get mostly 10 and 20. Just “random luck” from Lydia’s DNA slot machine :smirk:

Tell me about it every new dinosaur I fuse which haven’t been unlocked yet I only get 10s or 20s. I get 40’s and 50’s on already unlocked dinosaurs.


My Dioraja after last update + my Erlispyx fuses really really bad …

I had 16x 10s on Dioraja consecutively (even when I had to fuse the legendary component in between which got slightly better results) … for reaching 550/750 fuses I struggle on him but then suddenly I got a first ever 100 fuse on my Unique (Dioraja) and now he is level 30.

Though Erlikospyx still suffering from 10s and 20s max fuses. It sucks when we have to collect lots of Arena exclusive Bary G2 and then it all goes to drain due to 10 fuses :frowning:

Conclusion: Since 1.7 and after 1.8 my fuses gone to worse.

Same here. Just 10s and 10s and 10s.

Right, same for me with Dioraja, now that u mention it!
I also got many 10s on her after the update that changed her abilities!

I had the my worst fusion luck trying to take Thor to 30. I averaged a little less than 14 a fuse for that 750 stretch.

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Today I got five 10s in a row on Diloracheirus, I almost threw my phone against the wall, five 10s! Five!!! On a unique that’s so hard to make


Well, I still feel like the fuses have been reduced by Ludia. I fused many times the last few days and I also used my fuses after collecting the weekly incubators.
5 10s on Magna the last three days, 8 10s on Darwi hybrid (legendary), 6 10s on Spinonyx and way more than 10 10s on Purrutaurus.

I‘m just so annoyed and frustrated, seriously. Haven‘t developed any of my team member the last few weeks because of those bad fusions.

I have DEFINITELY gotten more 10s since the update…

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