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Is it just me or Hadros are getting way too many crits?

Both mine and my opponents’ Hadros get a crit almost every match! I know we can get that impression from a counter-attacker more easily, but still… earlier today I took two from an opponent (both on the rampages…). I guess I should be thankful mine gets some too…

Yes, I feel the same way. Any Hadros on the field seems to crit more like 15-20% of the time. My Poukan is supposed to have 10%, but it feels like a regular 5%, especially when compared to Hadros. Tarkus and Grypolyth don’t seem to crit that much, either.

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Like I said before, the 5% Crit Chance is Literally Goku Level Right now. It’s too Op.

I don’t think I ever saw mine do one critical… Not kidding at all. I don’t mind, it does hit like a truck anyways :slight_smile:

Grypo also crits a lot indeed… I’d say it probably feel this way because of the counter attacks, if it weren’t for the fact that others that don’t have it also get quite a lot too, especially MRhino and green rat on tourneys


Mine usually gets a critt at least on her counter attack and sometimes on rampage and yes grypo often gets critt on his counter. And ofc both Rhino usually get critt on swap in stunning strike ughhh

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Now I don’t have hadros yet, but I can tell you that this is because of the counter attack

not really I versed hadros lux in three battles off the 19 attacks it had gotten off, it crit 11. That’s over 50 percent, and is that just my luck?. (19 attacks including counters)

I think that is your luck. Having a counter means more chances to get a crit

Have been on the receiving end of lots of crit rampages from Hadros lately.

It sucks. Definitely feels like they’re getting too many.

I got three in a row earlier, shocked me since I’ve normally got terrible rng. Lol

Other than that one match, I’ve not noticed high crits on Lux or any of my other creatures or opponents.