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Is it just me or they've made Owen WORSE?


He “only” reappeared after you had done something like collect supply drops or dart dinos, but since the update he seems to pop up every time you go faster again after slowing down. I’m sorry if this had been brought up before. I didn’t see any recent topic about it. Did this thing actually got worse even after so many of us complained about it?

I know it’s an old issue, but Ludia, please make him appear only once for each log in…

I am not a passenger!

For me he pops up after every stop light, every slow down from whatever the bus does to a few kph/mph, after darting, every few stops, every minute or two while traveling steady, etc. A LOT. Often, even opening the app sitting my happy butt on the couch.

More than any other issue brought up in these fora, this constant pop up makes me want to stop playing. It’s aggravating, irritating, and has caused so much lost DNA.

He is truly over-the-top annoying.


Exactly, but as I said, it wasn’t like that before… and it was already annoying!


He got worse after 1.5 for me. I timed it one day.
He appears every 30-45 seconds, mostly after opening a supply drop or making a stop and then going again.

Its so annoying. I have no idea why they don’t limit him to at least one warning every 5 minutes.

There have been plenty of times when I’m just sitting at work or home and he pops up, come on.


Try not being a twerp.


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He doesn’t appear as much for me these days and at least he doesn’t show up when I’m stationary anymore.

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I’ll never forgive him for blocking me from Trex while I was in public transportation TWICE!!


It a dumb feature anyway maybe if the made the ar portion so it wasnt basically a requirement to be in a vehicle. Sure you can play on foot and I perfer to with scents but being in a car is much more efficient then walking while hunting.

No incentive for walking either like eggs in pogo… which i recently discovered i can link my google fit to my pogo and hatch eggs in pogo while running scents in jwa. I hadnt logged onto pogo in two months but recently ive been hatching eggs since why not dont even have to have the game running.

So my incentive to walking in jwa is another game lol.


For me he pops up more but it’s after the DNA supply drops etc. Previously he would pop up when I clicked on them…

It left me feeling like Samuel L Jackson


but, now he poos up every time the bus makes a stop, slows down below 20 mph or hits a light. It’s right when it starts to move again.

But on free way when boss is driving it’s smooth sailing until 60 mph is hit.


Once had hom appear and then try click him off and it glitched so just kept reapearing on me saying going to fast as soon as i clicked off


Please nerf Owen!


If I hit a supply drop the exact same time as Owen pops up, it completely freezes my game. This has happened sooo many times.


Same here. Too many owens.

When moving, the worst thing is when I go touch a dino or supply when passing at the best position here owen comes and I lost the chance.


Can’t even tell how many rare DNA I’ve lost because of this


U don’t know how many good dinos ive missed because of him… I play on the bus so i can’t choose when it stops or goes… Missed around 5 epics because of it already


It’s obvious the people developing the game haven’t graduated from amateur hour yet.

If you have low expectations for this game you’ll do fine.

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Can we please get some sort of update that will restrict the GPS from constantly asking us to not drive while playing this game I think we’re all well aware or not to drive and play this game none of us are idiots also my main problem is not the fact that it pops up but the fact that it pops up continuously continuously after the fact that I’ve clicked I’m a passenger 8 times within the same 30 to 40 minutes the game should not have permission to ask you more than one time during one sequence of speed on your map that is going over walking speed I think it is terribly ridiculous that the game asks more than once and will constantly keep asking I actually lost ankylosaurus DNA because I tried to click on an Ankylosaurus to shoot at it and the I am a passenger sign would not go away as I clicked I’m a passenger 4 * it is ridiculous fix it

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