Is it just me? Or

  1. …does the frequency that an enemy survives an attack with just enough health to strike again seem to defy the odds of the dice? It would be nice if the D&D branding meant that the dice of the rules define the odds.

  2. …is the amount one can play before fatigue (albeit noble to prevent game addiction) insufficient? Can we not reset twice a day? Certainly scale it based on level. I played three challenges after reset, two at night then one one AM and was fatigued again… coincidentally, I froze 2XP away from a level up…

  3. …is it not annoying to have XP evenly distributed across all heroes? I would love to manage my tactics to favour kill shots for heroes that I am trying to level up to catch up (I think this is how D&D works…XP for kills);

  4. …do the AC and DMG of enemies grow at a ridiculous pace? I can mow through Room 20 in Challenge 1 with nary a scratch from anyone including the boss just to get all four heroes slaughtered in room 21.

All in all, happy with the progress, idea and thrilled for a D&D title, but please don’t over-monetize the interface…earn loyalty vice seeking mass effect until you lose the fans…this is D&D…sacred ground in nerd-dom.

  1. I think you’re just unlucky :smiley:

  2. 300 XP to be fatigued? I’m pretty sure I’ve been going harder than that on some nights. I should probobly keep track of it.

    If you find yourself regularly fatigued after just a few challenge rooms, it might be wise to do some lower-xp challenges instead so that you’re not wasting your efforts while farming challenge chests.

  3. It does take a long time to lv heros up. It might be nice if we could have only 1, 2, or 3 Heros on the roster, and then they would get the full XP from the encounter; similarly, if a dead PC contributed nothing to the encounter, their XP is distributed to the others instead.

Ex: A encounter that gives 3 XP to each hero (total 12) is distributed to 3 heroes instead (4 each) or just one that’s in the dungeon solo (gets the full 12).

  1. Yes, and it ALMOST feel unfair. I keep thinking I’ll try my luck after beating room 24 of the first challenge, but then get immediately whopped in the face by goblins in rooms 25 and 26.

    Currently, my limits are:

  • Sharpstone: 24 rooms
  • SilverMines: 16 rooms (not reliably though!)
  • Harvestfield: 8 rooms ( I’ve ALMOST been able to do rooms 9, 10, and 11)
  • Mind-Flayer one: 4 rooms (All but one of my guys die in that boss fight, so I’ve never tried going further)