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Is it just me or

Is it just me or… does Indominus rex look just like Rudy from ice age 3?
I have always wanted to believe that indominus was based on Rudy…

Bildresultat för indominus rex


I think it has more of like a spinotasuchus looks

I do see the resemblance!

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Neck down, totally. But the snout is more spino-ish like @Wilshire1966 said.

Major resemblance, Rudy is actually a Baryonyx, true fact.


An albino one to be more specific

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Did he even have hair to begin with?
Just because hes white doesn’t mean hes albino.

The pink eyes do allude to albinism.

Was Alblino Baryonyx even a thing?

There’s a reptile zoo in Washington State that has an albino American Alligator. While that is not in the same lineage, it does show that some odd creatures do exhibit albinism.

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I feel like potentially anything with melanin could be albino.

Albino dinosaurs can be a thing just as albino creatures today

Indoraptor had red eyes yet he isnt albino.

more of suchomimus or irritator//

The indoraptor was a genetic abomination. Those eyes were a trait he was designed to have. Not a normal genetic mutation.

But why red eyes? For intimidation? For the laser? If he was designed to have it, please tell me what it was designed for.

The same reason Wu designed the Indominus the way it was. He’s had a taste of what it’s like to be God. He doesn’t care if the Indoraptor has blue, green, or purple eyes. What he cares about is that he can change it. So he did.