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Is it just me that in Jonathan's route

Is it just me or the MC in Jonathan’s route extremely clingy and annoying? Like some of the responses which we have to choose are straight up cringing. All she wants is for him to come back but not understand his story. Jonathan and his counterpart are so great but the MC is getting on my nerves.

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No, I was getting annoyed, too! I mean, they knew it was a “need to know” situation, he’s telling you what he can, when he can…:roll_eyes: I was frustrated the only options were to not be understanding, to whine and jeopardizehis mission and career. And when he made the call that obviously was going to lead them to getting caught, I didn’t want to answer it and was yelling they were going to get caught :sweat_smile:

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I agree. The phone call was so stupid and the options of responses are very frustrating.