Is it just me ?!

I thank Ludia for the aroma capsules and the darts … but … there is a terrible lag … what happened? the game is horrible slow … only happens to me?

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Not just you, i’ve had lag all day.

I was just doing a scent capsule and it was really laggy herky-jerky. After I was done, I rebooted my phone and it seems to be running smoother now.

It’s not just you. A lot of other players have noticed too.

This update is laggy, not just you

I’ve been having lag issues while darting
Once i restarted the lag stopped, but after some time playing It returns

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I was just about to post and ask about the lag issue. I notice the longer I play, the worse it gets. Especially during darting. After about 5 to 6 darting encounters, it starts degrading. Maybe there is some kind of memory leak or a lack of garbage collection. I am not too sure how the Unity Engine works with regards to garbage collection. Before the update the lag was negligible, it has only gotten worse.