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Is it just me?


I hunt DNA day and night but mainly at night. Lately it seems the dinos have just not been showing up like they did especially rares and epics. Is anyone else noticing this or is it just me? Side note… I have a lot of DNA for it now but my goodness do I have a problem shooting that dang parasaurolphus. If I get over 100 I feel as if i’m killing it smh.


Actually I don’t feel a less spawnings, but I see that while moving I am facing more dinos that when I stand still. Don’t know if this can help, but maybe…


If anything, I’ve seen more epic spawns and rare spawns here lately at night. Last night was Suchotator, Spinotahraptor, and Epic Thunderchicken, rares included Carnotaurus and Edmontosaurus. Luckily, I live very close to the main thoroughfare that runs through the southeast part of town (where all the restaurants are, and where the Mall is), so I’m never at a loss for interesting spawns. I keep hoping that the sarcos will come back soon, though.


As a side note, I also rely on incubs won either through arena battles or strike towers to help with the hard-to-find DNA.


I have really weird streaks of dinos.

Some nights I get nearly nothing spawning. Like a total ghost town. Other nights I get 12 raptors, then the next night only a few raptors and 3-5 kapros, then 4 barys on the last night with only a few random commons.

Those good nights are great, not complaining, but why it all bunches up like that is a bit irritating from a what-if-I-miss-something point of view for skipping a night. Variety, Ludia, variety.


Honestly, I prefer as it is now, you go in a certain place, than a rare pops up. It is up to you if keeping searching the others in the nearby or switch zone for other species. I can catch for sure a pair of the same dino, but if you are lucky you can find it more:

Here I found 3 Gorgosauro going to work, same main road.


I haven’t seen an epic in like a week. For the most part not many rates other than the same couple I always see


My brother and I are cross country truck drivers so i’m always on the move. We go from east coast to west coast twice a week. The dinos have been way less then have been being running across I40.