Is it just me

…or has Monomimus been critting a lot more lately?
Seems like it, I’m getting more crits by a Monomimus than Monosteg. Not just my enemies either, mine too when I use it.
Maybe we’re getting veeeeeery lucky with its 5% crit chance. Hmm…

I‘m feeling the same about how often the opponent‘s chicken dodges while mine gets roasted right after using evasive stance. :expressionless:

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I would say that you are correct. I just won two battles with crits and indo dodging every time. Usually I’m the one on the other side rng shenanigans.

I’ve always felt like that with Monomimus… that’s one of the reasons it was my nemesis before the nerf…

I’m loving that ppl still trying to use this guy straight up drac2 bait