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Is it me, but is the Chat working?


I have been playing against the Alpha for a couple of days and l have join the clan.:grin:

My question… How can we chat to each other if the chat button not working! :thinking:

2nd question… I have join 4 different Clans in 3 days! Why? Because most players are not playing! And we are being defeated, even though I have joined 4 different Clans with over 20 players.:unamused:

That’s why we need the chat to work!


My chat works…


Not sure what do you mean by chat not working, but I do have a problem that the chat doesn’t refresh unless I restart the game, and not reconnect.

Ultimately, however, if you have swapped all these clans and you actually fail on 600k and below Alphas… your problem is not the chat, but the clans themselves. For example, I didn’t put any effort into my clan whatsoever. No recruitment, no straddling or wooing. Just folk who have joined and left at their own will, since it’s a public clan. About 10 are 2500-3500 and the other 10 are 2000-2500. On this 600k Alpha - at least 20 people participated before it went down, and some didn’t even do more than 1 try(though others did 4). Nobody was specifically coordinated via the chat, aside from a few messages like “better be active” and “do your best”.

Obviously my clan won’t be next to those that beat 1.5-2mil Alphas, where every member deals 100k+ damage over 24 hours. But I’m fairly sure that such “basic public approach” could very well do up to a million, that is - level 4-5 Alphas.

If you absolutely have no luck with clans - just start your own. It’s 50 runes, not 500. Kick inactive people, say something nice to those that participate, and you might just get started.


Thanks for your quick reply :grin:
I am at the moment with 25 Clan with 4 over 9000, average players over 2000 and I am at level 30 with 4517 and l never brought any 3*,4* or 5*

I have been with this clan for 2 days and finally got keys! But l have notice that a lot of players are not playing! :thinking::unamused:

I have read that when they do play… The Alpha game has finished due to time Zones a round the world :earth_africa:

I have brought a new mobile phone a couple of weeks ago and I started the new titans Uprising’s app. I noticed that l have played two apps at the same time and noticed two different Alphas!

Also l have been very lucky getting 3* Dragons on my second new phone and at level 9 with 2027.

Thank you once again with your advice, and one day l properly will start my own clan, but now l am happy to stay in a good clan and win keys :grin::+1:

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@KolourKnight the chat button not working happened to someone else on reddit, and they cleared the cache for the app and it fixed that issue from the looks of it


same with me very irritating bug


Hey Vikings, it’s possible that due to certain age settings of your account, some social features of your Clan such as chat would be blocked. However, if you still have any concerns, please feel free to contact our support team here at with your support key.


I have got a question.
What are the age restrictions?