Is it me or do these new rares need a redesign?

Just unlocked them both and they just look odd, like therizinosaurus doesnt even look detailed. Like the rest of the dinos in this update were spot on especially Giga. Just think that these 2 need to go back to the drawing board.


They look exactly like their dominion counterparts tbh. Dread has a slightly longerhead, and theri is a little too purple but the rest is like spot on


Yeah the main thing about therizino is that he just looks blurry to me.


Really? JWA’s Dreadnoughtus has an Apatosaurus-ish body, with a really… ugly fish head, whilst JWD’S looks quite different.


Theri is ok. Dread however probably needs a redesign since he’s different from the images we’ve previously seen

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And also giga mouth keep opening

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Idk why ludia makes giga mouth opened

Yeah therizino seems blurry and dread has a head that looks like a fish

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Nah something is wrong with theris textures, when leveling it goes all purple/lilac


Yeah… I was testing her and other new creatures out in campaign and she decided to have a tiny change

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Theri totally came out undercooked. It seems like it was rushed out to meet the update release. Dreadnoughtus seems like they had no model that really fit well with it so they put it on the apatosaurus model and I guess it kinda got deformed in the process. I am glad that Giganotosaurus and Lystrosaurus came out good in my opinion