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Is it me or is Hatzegopteryx really BIG?


Happen to see majungasaurus spawn next to a Hatzegopteryx. Its really big & dwarfs the majunga, imo at least.


Wow. Yes. They were seriously enormous… check this!



Info about that pterosaur and discussion on it in JWA can be found here: Hatzegopteryx.


haha yea just picked up a dino like a fish and swallowed in 1 gulp.


thanx for the link!

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Don’t quote me on this!!

But hatzegopteryz is the largest pterosaur ever.


That is just horrifying! :scream:


Why is it still a common, in real life think it can outmatch the legendary/unique dinos lol


Hatzegopteryz could probably harm an indom imo


Not really. In that episode of Dinosaur Planet, it is showing a species of dwarf sauropod, Magyarosaurus, that reduced in size due to the size of the island they were living on. Any theropod carnivore would have easily taken down a Hatzegopteryx.

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Hatzegoteryz was a big chicken. The easily killed kind. Apparently. ;-D

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That size comparison actually looks pretty accurate lol

Quetzalcoatlus which is Hatze’s close cousin was actually taller than a giraffe

Quetzalcoatlus northropi is the largest of all pterosaurs, followed by Arambourgiania by a few feet, and Hatze being just inches smaller than Aram. They were all quite titanic, being as large as a small plane. They were apex predators in their own right for sure


Ah I see, haha din know there were dwarf sauropods, interesting fact!

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I checked Wiki and Hatzegopteryx’ skull is 3 metres in size and with a wingspan of 10-12 metres. Majungasaurus is 6-7 metres total length.


Big bird boi
He hecc
He protecc
But most importantly: he Peck

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