Is it my imagination?


I was battling someone and they wouldn’t let me take down their dinosaurs they would swap them before the final blow.- totally cool. But they pulled out a stegasaratops with full health at the end and I’m pretty certain I had already almost taken that Dino down. Has anyone else encountered this? Is it a hack or perhaps human error. I don’t want to report the player bc I couldn’t be 100 % certain. Just curious if anyone else knew anything about it. Thanks!!


If you’re not 100% certain, I’d shrug it off as human error. I sometimes do a double-take when my opponent throws out a powerful dino with full-health (usually T-Rex or I-Rex), and I have to remind myself, “Oh, yeah. I guess they can use their fourth dino if they want to…”

There have been some discussions of this sort of thing on the forum, so you can take a look at some of the older threads as well, but unless you’re certain that there was foul play, I wouldn’t dwell on it too much.

Best of luck in the arena!


People have said on here the Bots (Ludia created opponents for when the game can’t find a person for you to fight) can have duplicates.


I’ve faced people like that loads of times… got a monosteg down to 200 health, he swapped, and then brought it out at full health at 2-2 to win the battle…

Seen it quite a few times, so you’re not imagining


Yea it’s a bot. It’s a current glitch in the bot system where you can face the same dino multiple times. And they’ll repeatedly switch over and over, as health regenerates. It isn’t meant to be this way though so will hopefully be corrected in the next update.


I also faced one yesterday and can confirm it was a bot based on it’s name and not showing up on my opponent list.

Whenever the bot swapped out their dino and later got the same dino again, it came with full health. This happened with 2 dinos (dilorano and utahsinoraptor) in the same match and needless to say, I couldn’t overpower them even with a strong team.

Btw the bot name was RexO.T.


Duplicates & triplicates galore all with full health.
Just hope the bot loses when you whack 3 of its dinos. I demolished 3 and the 4th one popped out as if nothing happened.