Is it necessary to allow DOT continue take effect when the enemy's third dino is already dead?

Found it ludicrous that the match carries on after the third dino dies instead of immediately jumping to conclusion, conceding to the fact that a losing DOTer can force a draw. I know it sounds a bit preconceived. I hope they make the battle rules more rational. How do you think?


I can see where you’re coming from, but I’d have to disagree. Since DOTs happen at the end of a round, after everything else has taken place, but before anything happens at the start of the next round. But its also one of those things that can work for or against you, depending on your team make up. Flip side would be, if you DOT something, they kill your third, but the match immediately ended, it would kind of suck to get the trophy loss even though you would have still killed the opponents third dino with the DOT. Its all part of the strategy of the game.


Ok, think in this way: the enemy’s third dino uses strike and run but die chaining your counterattack. However you have to face his fourth dino because the tactical effect of strike and run is appropriately carried out here.
That glitch actually was a real story in last update, not sure if it still is.

I never say DOT is a bad idea. But the condition of victory should prevail over anything else, including damage over time. The timeframe in a battle continues to extend when victory perquisite is already fulfilled should not make any sense.


Okay, I’ll admit that’s the first time I’ve heard of that particular bug happening…I’ve personally never seen it either way. I didn’t start playing until super late 1.2 though, and didn’t really have dinos with counterattack or strike and run moves in my team until much more recently. But that’s a whole other ball of wax though, to your original topic about DOTs. My opinion on the DOTs though is that they are, from what I have seen in these kinds of scenarios, working as intended and don’t need to be changed. Just my thoughts on it though, since like I said earlier, it works both ways.

Its kind of like in Magic the Gathering…you can reduce your opponents health to 0 or below all day long. But just reducing your opponents health to 0 isn’t an immediate end to the game. Technically, they have until the end of the phase to take any legal action they can to get their health back up to being above 0 again before the game is over. Different context but same principle…just because the victory conditions have been fulfilled doesn’t mean everything that can be resolved has been resolved that may still effect the outcome.

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It only says “Defeat 3 dinos” not “be the first to defeat 3 dinos”. All turns in a round need to be completed before determining if players have defeated 3 dinos. Since the DOT effect is on the living dinosaur and not an effect that disappears with the other player’s dino death it needs to play out. DOT’s should remain just the way they are.


I have actually tied a match because they killed my 3rd, but my DOT finished them off after they killed me. I don’t think that’s a glitch. That’s just DOT working the way it should.


Yeah I noticed that. That’s why I created this thread to throw a discussion. Things can be changed if it makes the whole thing more rational than previous. Let’s see how many will disagree and agree.

I need to disagree.
DoT is working fine for me. It is an attack that needs to show its effect on the end of the turn, so dinos that can use superiority strike can cleanse and don’t receive the damage.
But the winners or losers need to be calculated as well at the end of the turn, after any DoT calculation made.

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Exactly! Most people don’t realize that a match can end in a draw (tie), mainly due to DOT effects.

So, yes, it’s necessary for the DOT to continue after the three creatures have been killed, to the end of the current turn, in case the opponent can also manage three kills and end the match in a draw.

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it’s dumb. the game says defeat 3 dinos to win. as soon as that condition is met the game should be over.

DOT is working fine. It should be calculated at the end of all moves. How would it be if DOT would be calculated before moves?
So Suchotator would use Lethal Wound and DOT would be first, killing your dino and Suchotator would do damage to next dino.

DOT is either before or after all moves, there is no other option.

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except when the game is over… it’s over and nothing else should happen.
the win condition is met before DoT takes place.

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Conditions are met, but fight isn’t over, until all actions happen. DOT and counter always happens last. Either both stay like they are or Ludia just remove them from game.
There is no option to have DOT at the beginning and middle od fight, but not at the end.
Only possibility would be to make DOT work only until dino which used it lives. Even then only some cases of DOT at the end wouldn’t happen.


If I can get a draw instead of a loss, I’ll take it. At least I don’t lose trophies. I’ve intentionally caused draws before with DOT. If it bothers you, have more immune dinos on your team.


Except as stated before, the win conditions are ‘defeat 3 dinos’, not ‘be the first to defeat three dinos’. That’s a big distinction. If you didn’t properly prepare for your dino to not be killed by a DOT, and all effects have not resolved yet, then the DOT killing your third as well as something that needed to happen fulfills the victory conditions for both players. Were the victory conditions to be changed to say be the first to defeat three dinos and it still ended in a draw, then I’d agree it needs to be changed. As it stands, it doesn’t.


I actually think that the DoT “Draw” condition shouldn’t exist. It’s apparent that there are phases within a turn that come into effect when relevant conditions are applied, and if there are phases within a turn, it’s entirely justified that a victory by takedown should take priority over a DoT draw.

The phases that I can identify are as follows:
-Pre-Turn Phase (Action selection, priority verification)
-Priority Action Phase (Mid-turn dinosaur swap)
-Priority Dinosaur Action Phase (First dino’s attack, relevant status application)
-Secondary Dinosaur Reaction Phase (Second dino’s counterattack, if applicable)
-Priority Dinosaur Resolution Phase (First dino’s action effects, if applicable)
-Secondary Dinosaur Action Phase (Second dino’s Attack, relevant status application)
-Priority Dinosaur Reaction Phase (First dino’s counterattack, if applicable)
-Secondary Dinosaur Resolution Phase (Second dino’s action effects, if applicable)
-End Phase (Status verification and termination, if applicable)

In the case that the victory condition “Defeat 3 Dinosaurs” is met at any point during the above phases, just like in any game that has separate phases for separate actions, the game should end. Immediately. There’s literally no prior precedent in gaming within my experience to allowing the chain of events to continue and force a draw condition since the outcome has already been decided in a prior phase.

If im in a knife fight with someone, and they stab me in the guts then I kill them (hypothetically) I dont suddenly stop bleeding because they died. The way it is right now is realistic…

Working as intended sorry!
Bring more immune dino’s!


Actually, I gave a precedent earlier. In Magic: The Gathering (admittedly this was when I last played years ago…roughly about the time of 6th edition) in the rules that were in place at that time, your life total wasn’t checked until the end of the current phase. Which means that if you took 5,000 damage on one turn somehow and your health total was reduced to -4,980, as long as you were somehow able to heal up to 1 life point before the phase was over, the game was not successfully completed. Despite your opponent having initially fulfilled the victory condition of reducing you to 0 life or less. Even now as I understand it in MTG, though the rules have changed, there are still ways to go below 0 health and heal enough before a health check occurs to avoid losing the game.

The ironic part is your own analysis (which I very much agree with as far as steps combat is resolved in…very nicely laid out btw!) of the combat stages encompasses the DOT taking effect. Since the game is going through each of these stages, the ‘end phase’ still occurs after all other actions and effects have taken place. Meaning the DOT still has to activate for there to be a successful resolution to combat and to move on to the status verification and termination.

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The game is round based though. You have to complete the round, and if you die also in the round, it’s a draw. The game does not say be first to defeat three dinos.

Edit: I see now several people have said this.

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