Is it normal to frequently get less than 100 coin after a fight


Just curious, is it normal to typically get less than 100 coin after a fight? While I am sometimes in the 200-300 range I tend to get under 100. Other family members say they have never gotten that low. Is it just random and I have bad luck or is something off? Screenshot_20180926-161112|281x500


I do, all the time, one time I got 15! Thought there was a set limit


It is random. I get that too, and I’m VIP. Don’t think I’ve ever gotten 15 coin, my biggest beef is when you spin a drop, and it’s only darts - but you’re already maxed out on those…


The limit is based on your player level. Once the limit is reached, the number of coins reduces. Or you just get darts.

As your player level increases, so does your daily coin limit.


Glad to know it’s not just me. VIP as well, but I don’t want to have to buy coin. I have 30ish dinosaurs to level and have been struggling with the coin thing.


I only level up the dinos on my team, rather than every dino in my collection. This means that i ultimately save more coin, and only have to spend 20 bucks per month on extra, if I need it.


And Ludia comes along with an update to nerf all the dinos you were leveling up…


Less than 100 you said? Oh how lucky you are!

:roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: x18 …I think this is my worst score on the money received after a fight.


Ouch, 18. That is really bad. Mine is usually around the 42 mark.