Is it normal to lose 10 times in a row?


I really hate this kind of battle like sometimes using the same dinosaur fight against the same opponent but the hp losing differently. I was 38XX and lost 9-10 and down to 36XX… :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Everyone is dieing like this…


Yes, it has happened to me a few times. Usually after I won 10 times in a row or followed by winning 10 times in a row.

But we always reach a point where we win and lose 50% of the time.


Yeah, sounds about right.


It’s happened to me a few times at the same level


I’m almost booted from the Marshes from an influx of people with grossly over leveled dino levels on me PLUS the occasional Indo-Rex thrown in and the lower in rank I get, the tougher my opponents get!

Sorry, guys, going to have to drop just to fill in my incubators now…I thought I’d stabilized around 3200-3300 but now I am probably going to be around 2500 or lower if this keeps up at its current pace.

I’m losing WAY too much to win ONE match by the absolute skin of my teeth.


We will have far more fun with this game if we have a say in the choice of our 4 fighters even if we are not allowed to use the same ones again and again!


The reason why you encountered overly levelled players with massive dinos in Sorna Marshes boils down to 2 valid reasons: Either you were up against Ludia’s AI or players that intentionally dropped themselves to SM to farm specific dna. Prior to update 1.3, TRex was in the SM incubators.


Guess they’re taking the night off, just got done losing battles with my level, 11 and up against 8s and 6s and lost then the last one got one Dino then mine disappeared, couldn’t play an be I lose… Gee sounds fair? Need to fix the pebbles
Problems, and thank u my connection is fine, Google fiber…