Is it ok to advertise JWA with fliers?

So I was walking around my suburb on a hunt today and to my shock, I found another sanctuary started by another player! Which means Im not alone in playing the game around here!

Anyway is there any rule against me printing out some JWA fliers to advertise the game around my area? like on poles and stuff to try and get more locals playing?

Thanks in advance!


Not at all! Advertise advertise advertise!


Yeah, do it. I found another live sanctuary near my house. It had 2 Dino’s in that weren’t mine or my alliance so yay

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That would be cool. Would you post up a picture of the flier you create? :slight_smile:

Sure, will do! Im not good with art design or anything so not sure what im gunna do in terms of how it looks.


I’m really liking the idea. Where I live there is a town Facebook group and last summer I did post up on there looking for fellow players and received a couple responses but those people don’t play anymore. I’d love to create a local community if there was enough local interest.

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Actually if anyone here is good with art design and wants to help make a simply advertisement that would be great. Im lucky if I can draw a stickman lol

Just make sure you have no local laws regarding putting up posters on things like street lamps or wherever you plan to put them.

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Yeah that had crossed my mind, but ive seen tons of people advertising things for sale and garage sales and lost animals and all sorts of things all the time, so im assuming its allowed

Then again you know what they say about assumptions being the mother of all…well…you get what I mean lol

Hi Stiffeno, if you give me the weekend, I can do one for you. I assume you have access to a colour printer or would black & white be better? A4 (US letter size)?

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I do have a colour printing but need to buy some more ink anyway so plenty of time, no rush :), and thanks :slight_smile:

PoGo was really popular around here so im sure those players if they know about JWA would love it, I know I did and I played PoGo almost from the start!

I think lost animals is generally fine as it’s not advertising anything. You could always put up a lost dino and encourage people to play and walk around town looking for said lost dino. :smile:


You know what I just thought of something, my uncle is actually a Police officer…I can just ask him the law LOL.

I like that idea

A little lost Orni or Monomimus would be funny lol coz its cute and funny looking!

I’ll be bound a bit by images (def. not an artist) but I can work with design software with ease. So I’ll take a look at see what I can come up with :wink:

BUT if the fabulous arts on the forum want to send images, please do.

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@Stiffeno are you online?

I’ve got 2 basic designs that should be easy for anyone to print on a local printer but I need some content in terms of what info should go on the poster. Anyone with ideas? Share them! @Stiffeno and @Colin_Goodman any ideas, thoughts, suggestions?

What do we want to tell people?
What do we want them to do?
Where to go?
Get in touch?

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Go for it! Be the voice of jwa @Stiffeno . We need more players✊